Keep Warm During The Big Freeze This Year

This year, the media had a daily story about the weather and looming Arctic conditions. Sometimes these conditions materialised, and at other times they didn’t. In any case, here are some suggestions for keeping your home warm in the forthcoming winter and doing it for the minimal cost, which is something that is always appealing.

How to Keep Warm During the Big Freeze


Most houses these days have double glazing and either external or cavity wall insulation. This is a great help at keeping the heat in during the colder months. Keeping the heat in means you do not have to have the thermostat so high. As well as double glazing, draught excluders are a good idea, particularly in older buildings. Thicker curtains, lined, also stop heat escaping through windows, so mark the change of seasons with a set of heavy-weight drapes.

Where you have south-facing windows, make sure your draw your curtains wide on sunny days and let the sun heat your room for free!

Central Heating

A little bit of common sense goes a long way. If you spend most of your time in one room, is it worth having the radiators on full in all the other rooms? If you don’t have visitors, for example, consider turning off the heating in the guest room and saving some money.

Allow the heat into your rooms, so where possible, don’t block radiators with furniture. Leave internal doors open to allow heat to flow around your home, particularly if you have south-facing rooms.

Make sure your boiler is adequately serviced to make sure its operating as efficiently as possible, and perhaps add a jacket to it.

Check Home Appliances

Check the thermometer on your fridge/freezer. In colder weather, appliances tend to be more efficient, and freezers are more efficient if kept full. As long as you are within safe food storage limits, consider turning it down a bit.

The lovely fresh smell of line-dried laundry is one of the joys of summer. Come winter, the tumble dryer is on far more often, and so your energy bill rises. If you can, dry clothes on an airer in a south-facing room; it’s more energy-efficient than the tumble drier, but a more attractive option than laundry hanging over radiators in every room.

Other simple to carry out tips include replacing light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs and only boil as much water as you actually need each time you put the kettle on.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Over 75 years old or on income support? There are new government schemes to help and as a part of it, you might be entitled to free energy efficiency improvements. OFGEM, the governing body for the energy companies in Great Britain, has information on energy-saving tips as well.

However you do it, make sure you keep warm the coming winter. For now, enjoy the spring that’s round the corner.

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