Keep Your Generation Z Kids Safe!

For those of us who have trouble keeping up with the generation names and ages – Generation Z is the newest generation to be named and these individuals were born between 1995 and 2015. They are currently between 5 and 25 years old and compromise nearly 74 million in total in the United States.

There are many things that can endanger our kids in today’s world. It isn’t always easy to monitor their actions all the time. They go out with their friends, are at school, and let us not forget the extracurricular activity clubs which means that you can’t be there 24/7.

Perhaps you have a busy job and don’t spend much time at home. So how can we help our children and keep better track of them, and what they do, in order to keep them safe?

How do you ensure that they are educated about the problem and what problems are out there that they should be worried about? There are so many different things to educate them on – but specifically it starts with communication.

Showing kindness and compassion to one another will allow all of us to empathize. 

Boundaries help… Children love boundaries, it’s a good way to show them you care and it also gives them a sense of responsibility. Even if they appear as if they hate them, deep down they will appreciate that you are setting those rules and that they have something to work to as well. They must know their limits and this is a great way for children to learn.

If they are going out to play with friends then it is important that they know they have a curfew so give them a watch and ensure that they must not go out after dark or be out alone. You may want to keep some areas off-limits too, such as woods or more desolate areas. Going out alone after a certain time is off-limits. Keeping good communication flowing with your children will put your mind at ease, but what are some of the major red flags that parents need to be aware of? 

Here are some common dangers for Generation Z kids:

  • YouTube
  • School Shootings
  • Reality-TV
  • Internet Stalkers
  • Hormones in Food
  • The Cloud
  • Secondary Drowning
  • Leaving Kids in Cars
  • EMF Radiation

Online Issues Are a HUGE Problem

Today’s generation uses the internet at a young age. A lot of kids under the age of 5 are able to download apps from tablets and phones. It is a concept that most of the rest of the world struggle with because it isn’t something that we readily had available in our youth, for most of us.

Keeping them secure online is so important because there are many hidden dangers that can be hugely problematic. Online security can be another issue if you have children who love to play on the internet and you’re concerned about what websites they’re going onto. There are many ways to connect to people online, but sometimes they may not realize that they are not actually be talking to who they think they are.

They can be lulled into a false sense of security and think that they are making friends. Keep them safe by iPad monitoring and keeping on top of what they’re doing online. It puts your mind at ease and it is perfectly safe. This type of ‘spying’ is something that is becoming more and more popular with parents of today. It allows them to still give their children privacy in a sense but allows them to track any problematic things that may arise. There are many other red flags, and if you believe your child has arranged to meet someone that they met online, you can broach this with them and ensure that you go with them or they do not go at all.

Other Dangers in the House Should Be Eliminated

Having young kids can always spark some worry in your mind because there are so many hazards that can really affect them. You need to ensure that you have looked thoroughly at your home and changed whatever needs to be changed in order to make it safe. Especially if you have a few children or you want to invite children around to play. 

If you’re concerned about your kids being hurt inside the home, there are ways to keep them safe. You can be sure that you clear up any play zones regularly, make sure there is nothing hazardous, and in the garden, remove any sharp branches, areas that may be dangerous, and nothing they can get hold of easily. This includes items inside sheds and gardens such as hazardous liquids and gardening tools.

Inside the house look at electrical tools (such as in the garage or mixers and blenders in the kitchen), and medications need to be put out of reach of children because they may mistake them for sweets. By keeping all hazards locked in a cupboard, you can help keep inquisitive kids safe the next time they’re out and about exploring alone or with friends/siblings.

Instilling safety into them from a young age will really help because they need to be aware of the worldly dangers and so encouraging safety is key. Be sure to let them know about the dangers outside the house including strangers. It may sound obvious but so many parents forget to teach their kids about this and often predators can easily snatch a child because they feel that they can trust them. Keep everything they need easily accessible, just in case they can’t find what they’re looking for, eg. their trainers or games, and don’t want to ask you because they know you’re too busy. 

Start with sharing with them key ways to stay safe such as all the precautions; such as running for help if there is a problem, screaming to alert people, looking when crossing the road, not going onto unsafe websites, not talking to people they don’t know, not going into cupboards and areas of the house that you have told them not to. This may also include the basement or the attic if they are off-limits you should assert this fact. It may possibly be a deterrent to them to enter into conversations with people they don’t know, both offline and online to keep them safe forever. 

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