Keep Your Home Warm With These Insulation Tips

Keep Your Home Warm
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Insulation can allow you to keep your home warm without having to turn the heating on. Whilst installing insulation can be expensive, it’s an investment that soon pays off by reducing heating bills in the process. Here are just a few ways in which you can insulate your home.

Invest In Loft Insulation

The average home loses 25% of its heat through an uninsulated loft. When it comes to keeping heat from escaping, there are lots of insulation methods to choose from. Laying down thermal wool or using insulating panels could be a good DIY job for those wanting to save money on loft insulation. Meanwhile, spray on insulation is another option – this can be costly and requires hiring professionals, however it can be the most effective form of loft insulation.

Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

If you’ve got old doors and windows, these too could be major sources of heat loss. Even when your windows and doors are closed, you could be losing heat around the gaps in the frame. Aluminium doors and windows could be a great option for preventing hot air escaping. You should also consider the glass – investing in double-glazing could be worthwhile for further preventing heat loss. Installing new windows is not likely to be a job you can do yourself – shop around to find a window replacement company to fit your budget.  

cavity wall insulation
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Consider Cavity Wall Insulation

A lot of heat can also get lost through uninsulated walls. Cavity wall insulation is a popular way of solving this. This involves pumping an insulating foam into the gap between the inside and outside wall of your home. This is another form of insulation best carried out by professionals.

Opt for Carpets

Did you know that carpets can also provide insulation? They’re more effective at preventing heat loss than both wooden floors and ceramic floors. Generally, the thicker the carpet, the more insulation it will provide. There are lots of guides online that you can read on how to lay a carpet.

Use Thick Curtains in Winter

Curtains may not seem like a form of insulation, but they can be. Hanging up thick curtains over a window can stop hot air getting out through the panes as well as preventing cold air getting in. The beauty of curtains is that they’re a temporary measure – in the summer you can switch to regular light curtains.

What are some things you have done to help keep your home warm in the winter? 

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