Keep Your House Safe Over the Christmas Holiday

As November draws to a close, the Christmas period is upon us. And as we enter everybody’s favorite time of the year, it is crucial that homeowners remember that during the Christmas period is one of the worst times of the year for property crimes.

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With news stories about criminals getting away with their crimes due to rule surrounding the statute of limitations, we thought we would give you some tips and tricks to keep your home safe from crime this festive season. IF you want to read about the statute of limitations, please click the link.

Studies have shown that on Christmas eve, there is around a 23% increased chance of property crime compared to the rest of the year. This is a massive increase. And with homeowners reporting around 80 million dollars in losses during the holiday period each year, it is essential that homeowners keep their guard up.

So here are some things to bear in mind.

Be Aware of the Risk

By reading this article, we hope that this step has already been taken care of. Unfortunately, most Americans tend to let their guard down around the holidays. They do not realize that this is the time of year the burglars are most active.

Being aware gives you a much better chance of avoiding heartbreak over Christmas.

Please remember that most crimes committed over Xmas happen in the late morning or early evening. Most homeowners believe the highest risk comes at night time under cover of darkness, but this is not true.

Don’t Leave Your Property Looking Empty

Many burglars stake out a house before they attempt to break-in. They will look for things such as no cars on the drive or a few days worth of newspapers building up on the front step. They will notice things such as no lights being on for extended periods.

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If you do need to leave your property vacant at any point, it is a great idea to make sure someone you trust can house sit for a few days. If all else fails, at least get your neighbor to turn your lights on for a few hours at night, and to collect your mail. Another good tip is to leave a family member’s car on the drive.

Keep Valuables Safe and Out of Sight

If a burglar happens to peek through your window, what will they see? If all of your valuables, phone, wallet, keys, and documents are on show, this will increase the chances they will choose your house for a break-in. If possible, keep your valuables locked up in a safe or somewhere secure. As a minimum, keep your valuables out of sight during the night and day.

Keep Your House Safe this Christmas

Christmas is a horrific time of year to be burgled, make sure you follow the above tips to give you a much better chance at a tragedy free festive season. Nobody wants a miserable Christmas!

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