Keep Your Lips Classy with the Musical Flavors of TrapStix Lip Balm

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Let me begin by saying this is NOT your average lip balm. TrapStix is formulated with gentle, nurturing ingredients, creating a lasting barrier against the elements, and contains gentle notes of signature flavors that compose a soft, fragrant, balm you’ll never want to be without! I love how it feels on my lips and the scent is just right!


Aysia Hilliard is a wonderful, outgoing, intelligent young woman and entrepreneur. This business-savvy woman used a play on words mixing hip hop and pop artist’s names with all-natural lip balm flavors. Meet POST MELONEFIZZOCARDI BEES, and A COOKIE WIT DA HOODIE, a new sugar cookie flavored lip balm, among others.

The coronavirus pandemic helped TrapStix go viral catapulting the brand from less than 75 orders in its first two years to over 50,000 lip balms to date! Her lip balms have shipped to over 30 countries, and the tubes are larger than the traditional chapstick … and more affordable! TrapStix is a must-have for not only the Gen Z crowd, but my granddaughter, Aubree, absolutely loves the Drape flavor and won’t let anyone have it. I personally love the light feeling that keeps my lips protected. Her TikTok channel now boasts nearly 100K followers. Visit the site to see Aysia in action and enjoy the beat!

Let’s Talk with Aysia, Owner of TrapStix Lip Balm

Aysia is currently a biology and chemistry major at Howard University. We caught up with her over Thanksgiving break to ask her a few questions about TrapStix and how this business venture came about.

Hi Aysia! Was this business venture to create TrapStix a result of a personal need for a quality product or was it part of a chemistry class assignment?

I came up with TrapStix two years before I started college, so my business is an exclusive interest from me being a biology major. I came up with the idea when I was 17 by accident, so it wasn’t because of any assignment or necessarily because of a demand for this certain product. I just really liked the idea and wanted to see it come to life. 

What inspired you to name your lip balms after hip-hop and pop artists? Was it just a fun way to put a spin on the products?

The name “TrapStix” accidentally came to me so, the trap music aspect really chose itself. We decided to add “PopStix” because there were some artists that we felt had good TrapStix names but didn’t fall into that genre. So we created a new line for those artists. 

How did you first begin creating the lip balms and – is it something you do personally or do you have a team that takes your ideas and particular ingredients and puts the finished product together? 

I work with a manufacturer to make my ideas come to life. 

How old were you when you started TrapStix? I saw on your TikTok video that you had mentioned you had copyrighted the idea and the name 2 years before you began the TikTok account.

I came up with the idea when I was 17 on the way to the movies with my friends. I never really thought about entrepreneurship until I accidentally came up with the idea for Trapstix that day.

Have any of the artists you’ve named your lip balms after contacted you? What has their reaction been? Are there future collaborations in the works with various artists we could give our readers a sneak peek of?

No artist has reached out to me yet regarding my business but hopefully one day.

Have you always had an entrepreneurial nature? Were you creating and selling even at a younger age?

Entrepreneurship chose me. I was more into sports and school than anything until the day I thought of Trapstix. And even after J came up with the name I never thought to actually turn it into a business until after my parents encouraged me to.

Could you tell us a little more about yourself such as where you grew up, any brothers and/or sisters, who your role models are, and what are your plans for after college?

I grew up in a city right outside Atlanta, Georgia with my parents and my younger brother, Frankie. We are five years apart but I am hoping one day he will also be a member of the TrapStix team like me and my parents. My biggest role models are my parents because they have been nothing but supportive and helpful for anything I was interested in since I was a child. They do whatever they can to make my interests and my brother’s interests turn into a reality and I appreciate that so much. My plans after college are to of course continue with my business but also hope to use my biology degree to continue my studies in genetics.

Thanks so much to Aysia for speaking with us!

About TrapStix Lip Balm

TrapStix Lip Balm is a trendsetting online lip balm shop, offering first-rate all-natural products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. The business is made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience. Also, check out the PopStix collection and Drip lip gloss collections at TrapStix Lip Balm.

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