Keeping the Kids Safe This Summer: Ideas for Making Your Yard Safer

Summer can be a time of great fun for children who are playing outdoors. One of the easiest places for them to play is in their own backyard. Because of this, homeowners need to keep their yards safe for their children all year long. We have a few ideas for making your yard safer to share with you today.

keeping the kids safe this summer ideas for making your yard safer

Exterminate Stinging Insects

Bees, wasps and hornets can all spell danger for small children and even adults. In fact, many people suffer from allergic reactions. When allergic children are stung they can have symptoms such as severe itching, swelling or difficulty breathing that can be highly dangerous for their health. An expert in bee removal in Houston, TX has suggested that people not try to tackle the issue without the proper gear. To decrease the risk of this problem, homeowners should have professional exterminators remove nests and hives.

Use Herbicides and Pesticides Safely

Herbicides and pesticides are poisons used to kill weeds and insects. They are poison to humans as well if they are ingested. However, many can still be used on yards that are used for play as long as they are given ample time to dry. It is best to wait at least two days before allowing children onto a lawn or around landscaping that has been treated.

Install a Fence

A fence is a great way to ensure that very young children do not wander into other people’s yards where they may hurt themselves. The best option is to fence one’s entire backyard. If this is not possible, children should be clearly taught where their boundaries are.

Install a Pool Cover

Pools can be places of great fun, but they can also be places of tragedy if a child falls in and drowns. The way to combat this is to have adult supervision when the pool is in use and to cover the pool securely when it is not being used. Another option is an above ground pool, which must be reached by climbing a ladder.

Put Power Tools and Sharp Tools in a Safe Place

These tools can cause serious harm to a child if they are within reach. Pruning shears, rakes and saws can all cut and hurt delicate eyes. Even power tools such as drills and circular saws should be placed far out of reach by being hung high on walls or on tall shelves.

Without the proper precautions, a backyard can be a surprisingly dangerous place for children. This is because backyards can have pools, power equipment, insects and animals, grills and chemicals in and on them. However, with a few quick steps, parents can protect their children from each one of these dangers with some simple planning and a little work.

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