Keeping Your Kitchen Cupboards Free and Your Work Surfaces Clear

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of their home. It’s where they chat while making a hot drink, muster up hearty meals, and where people gather at parties. The kitchen as the cornerstone of the family property seems to have been reinforced as more and more people are also opting for open plan living spaces, merging kitchen and dining rooms or kitchen and living spaces.

Not only do we spend more time in our kitchens than ever before, but we love our kitchens so much that having a new one fitted tops the list of common home renovations! So, why not start the new year by clearing out this beloved space? After all, if we’re going to spend so much time in it, we need to ensure that it’s the best that it can be! Here are some simple tips and tricks to clear your kitchen out, making it look more presentable, practical, and comfortable.

Keeping Your Kitchen Cupboards Free and Your Work Surfaces Clear

Using Shelves to Your Advantage

No matter how large your kitchen may be, the work surfaces offer limited storage space. Why? Well, the clue is in the name. The work surfaces should be used for work: chopping vegetables, kneading dough, and serving up meals. How are you supposed to do this if they’re cluttered with unnecessary ingredients, cutlery, crockery and whatever else you might have lying around? While clearing things away and into cupboards may seem simple enough at first, you’ll simply find items migrating back to your work surfaces, as you need easy access to them.

Luckily, there’s an answer to keeping regularly used items at hand without having them in the way: shelves. Shelves also allow you the advantage of seeing what you have available and what needs restocking on your next trip to the store. Store your spices on them and put other basic food items (such as pasta, rice, sugar, and beans) on the shelves in clear containers such as mason jars. There are all sorts of designs available, so take a look at the wide range of shelves and wall storage units for sale out there.

Keeping Your Kitchen Cupboards Free and Your Work Surfaces Clear - Hanging Racks

Try Out Hanging Racks

There are certain items that require easy access but don’t necessarily fit well onto shelves. Utensils, in particular, are prone to rolling off shelves or becoming lost behind or amongst more prominent items such as jars and cookbooks. For these, try out hanging racks. These are essentially racks or bars that slightly protrude from your walls. You then use hooks to hang things from them.

Whether you’re looking for wood-based hanging racks or ones formed of metal, there will be something to suit your kitchen’s design. All of them will allow you to easily hook your utensils within arms reach, without them becoming lost or falling about. Hanging racks are also a great option for pots and pans. This prevents them blocking up valuable cupboard space.

Shelves and hanging racks are just two ways to keep your kitchen cupboards free, and your work surfaces clear. So invest in some and have them fitted professionally. Your kitchen will be organized and looking spick and span in no time!

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