Key Bedroom Design Trends for 2020

If you’re like most people who are stuck at home now due to the coronavirus, you’re probably looking at jobs you can do around the house. You might have numerous tasks you’ve been putting off for months that you can complete, or perhaps you feel now is the right time to finally complete some of the home improvement projects you’ve wanted to tackle.

life in a house key bedroom design trends for 2020

If so, it pays to focus on your bedroom, since this is such an important part of the house. Plus, with all the stress of the health and economic concerns happening right now, it’s never really been more vital to get proper rest, so you stay physically and mentally healthy. For inspiration, take a look at some of the key bedroom design trends for 2020.

Natural Elements

This year, bedrooms are getting back to nature as people increasingly turn to the outdoors to help them make their sleeping quarters feel serene. Designers are embracing minimal, textured, earthy furniture and color palettes, as well as adding more greenery to bedrooms with real plants.

In the past, we’ve seen lots of rooms with faux plants in them. Now the recurring pattern is to bring real flowers, succulents, and other plants into bedrooms. Not only do these soothe the mind and look lovely, but they also help to increase oxygen levels and purify rooms, which is perfect when we’re resting and trying to decompress from the strains of the day.

Get in on this “biophilic” trend by using natural and organic fabrics in your bedroom, like bamboo, linen, timber, jute, raffia, and twine. Choose organic forms when it comes to sculptures and artworks or the designs on your linens, and opt for earthy tones in interior design. Consider shades such as lush and olive greens, terracotta, yellow ochre, chocolate brown, wine, and related hues.

Choose plants suited to indoor living that don’t need too much water, so you don’t have to remember to give them moisture daily. Also, buy handmade, one-off or limited edition goods made from recycled materials where possible, rather than those mass-produced, more chemical-laden items.

Hotel Vibes

You may not be able to indulge in your love of travel right now due to all the bans on movement, but you can bring some luxury hotel vibes to your home. In particular, turn your bedroom into an oasis by making your sleeping area feel as lush, elegant, and moody as top boutique stays.

Rather than thinking of home comforts, start bringing in the comforts of your favorite hotel. For instance, invest in a quality, luxury mattress that will help you to drift off to sleep in minutes, and buy a mixture of comfortable pillows to suit different needs throughout the year.

Choose large-scale headboards, fine linens you want to snuggle into, and beds with under-mounted sensory lighting. Add motorized shades you can open and close from your bed, as well as a wall or floor-mounted TV for comfortable binge-watching at any time of the day or night.

life in a house bedroom accessories

A Mishmash of Old and New

For many years, interior designers and homeowners have either gone down the path of decorating with vintage, antique looks, or very modern, minimalistic styles. This year, though, it’s time to bring the two together. You don’t have to choose one option over another; instead, combine old with new in a mishmash that gives your bedroom the best look and feel from both worlds.

For example, stick with clean, modern lines when it comes to your furniture, especially larger pieces such as your bed frame, drawers, wardrobes, and reading chairs. You can also opt for sleek surfaces for things like flooring, walls, windows, and doors.

Bring the nostalgia of old into the room, though, with favorite things you’ve collected over the years. Add personal, eclectic accessories that have meaning to you and keep the room from feeling stark. For instance, showcase locally-made pieces you picked up on your travels, vintage glassware, and antique jewelry boxes or displays. Decorate with ornate clocks and candle holders, childhood globes and toys, classic aged Persian rugs, etc.

Don’t be afraid, either, to embrace imperfection in the goods you use to decorate your bedroom. For example, you might have a chipped lamp that was passed down to you or a handmade blanket from a family member that has seen better days but reminds you of home.

Decorating a bedroom is a fun undertaking and can give you a sense of completion if you can’t work right now. Plus, it also gives you the chance to create an oasis where you can rest better during these turbulent times. Think about ways you might incorporate one or more of the trends listed above, and you’ll soon want to spend more than just your sleeping hours in your bedroom area.

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