Kicking Off the #SpiritOfChristmas with Stickman Stew

I have always had a huge heart and did whatever I have been capable of doing to give back to my community and help those less fortunate. Whether by volunteering my time, making a donation, or just supporting the various fundraising events for my favorite charities – I’ve been involved in giving back for as long as I can remember.

Sharing the Love and Giving Respect

A few years ago, my family volunteered to help my sister’s church serve a Thanksgiving meal to homeless men at The Hope Rescue Mission in Reading, PA. It was enlightening, humbling, and a sheer joy to forget about our own petty problems for a few hours and focus on these men who needed a smile and a gentle word. The image of my two boys, listening intently to the men as they spoke to them about what they were going through, and the compassion and empathy that they showed to these men still makes my heart ache with happiness and my throat close up with unshed tears at the memory.

In May of this year, my eldest son, Jonathan, started the #JonathansHeartProject to assist the homeless population in our own city of Richmond. We have been funding the project completely on our own – but that’s okay. We gather together a few items here and there as we are able to, and once we have a few bags put together we distribute them. It is our way of giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Stickman Stew and The Gold Heart Crew
Stickman Stew and The Gold Heart Crew – From left to right:
Stickgirl Shirl, Stickkid Sid, Stickman Stew, Stickgal Sal

Stickman Stew and The Gold Heart Crew

Just what is Stickman Stew and The Gold Heart Crew about? As you can see from the image above, the crew consists of four bendable and posable figures. Stickman Stew, Stickgal Sal, Stickkid Sid, and Stickgirl Shirl.

Stickman Stew

Stickman Stew – is a peaceful and gentle soul who helps his friends be the most kind they can be. He spreads respect and love everywhere he goes. Stew loves to sing karaoke and dance. (Purchase Price: $9.95)

Stickgal Sal

Stickgal Sal – is a warm and caring gal. She is a good friend that will always be there to hold your hand. SAL loves to give hugs and read people their fortunes. (Purchase Price: $9.95)

Stickkid Sid

Stickkid Sid – is a prankster who loves to play jokes and make you laugh. His big imagination and high jinks can get him into trouble at times. SID often hides in small spaces where he accidentally falls asleep. (Purchase Price: $7.00)  

Stickgirl Shirl

Stickgirl Shirl – is a quirky and curious girl who loves to daydream and encourages others to do great things. SHIRL is always wishing on shooting stars and talking to furry animals. (Purchase Price: $7.00)

Jonathan – being the little prankster that he is – immediately fell in love with Sid and claimed him for his own. Tre choose Stew for himself because what’s better than having a friend who is exactly like you? Tre loves singing and dancing, and I have been constantly telling him and Stew to keep the music down to a dull roar! 

How Does It Work?

The gang at Stickman Stew understands that, contrary to popular opinion, Santa Claus doesn’t always leave a toy for EVERY boy and girl. Many deserving kids will not receive anything for Christmas this year because the little money their families have goes towards food, shelter, and medical care. So they are asking you to give Santa a little help.

For every Stickman Stew and The Gold Heart Crew toy that you purchase online (for less than $10 plus a small shipping charge), they will donate a second toy for you to a boy or girl who has had tough problems to face so early in their young lives.

You get to choose the non-profit organization to receive your donation during the checkout process. Simple as that.

#SpiritOfChristmas Bloggers

When the folks at Stickman Stew inquired as to whether I would be interested in helping them with their #SpiritOfChristmas campaign this year, I didn’t hesitate to respond back with a resounding YES! I also had the wonderful opportunity to put their marketing team in touch with several bloggers in my circle, and we are now supporting a variety of non-profit organizations across the United States this year!

I choose two charities that are near and dear to my heart – Safe Harbor and FeedMore here in Richmond, VA. Both of these organizations are near and dear to me because I’ve been the recipient of their services – several times. I remember what it was like to be scared, with just the clothing on our back, and sitting in a shelter with my children. I know the pain and anguish that they were going through. I know what it’s like to not know where your next meal is going to come from. To depend on the kindness of others or the many food ministries that are supported by FeedMore in the Central Virginia area. This is my way of saying thank you for helping my family to both of these organizations. Knowing that our contribution will have a ripple effect and touch the lives of so many others … it is what the #SpiritOfChristmas is all about.

Won’t You Join Us?

#SpiritOfChristmasThere are many children who won’t receive a single present this year for Christmas – but you can help. Make a purchase from Stickman Stew and support the non-profit organizations that we’ve partnered with this year. You don’t have to choose one in your state – you can find the entire list of organizations that will benefit from your purchase of a Stickman Stew toy on their Buy One Give One page.

My fellow bloggers, the gang at Stickman Stew and The Gold Heart Crew, and the children thank you for your support.

Merry Christmas from Kim and The Boys at Life in a House of Testosterone

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