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I posted last Monday, June 13th, that the unthinkable happened in my household.  I caught my youngest son viewing a YouTube video of two woman ‘kissing and making out’ online.  Not exactly what you want your barely eight-years-old child to be watching.  (One friend said I should at least be glad it wasn’t two men kissing – which opens up a whole can of worms I am not even ready to think about LOL).

So as a result, I took drastic measures and installed the KidZui Browser on his computer and used Windows Live Family Safety to lock down his other browser capabilities.


I am loving the browser on his computer (and I have to admit I don’t mind hoping on the same copy loaded on my computer and playing games every now and again too!) because it gives him all of the games he could possibly want to play and funny videos right at his fingertips – yet it leaves all of the web’s undesirable material where it belongs – out of his reach.

KidZui is not like any other browser.  Kids can only access websites, games, pictures, and videos that have been approved by the KidZui editorial staff, parents, and teachers.  I love knowing that I can rest easy now while he has fun in a SAFE online environment.  Can you do that with Google or Firefox or Internet Explorer?  I don’t think so.

I really – REALLY – love the fact that I can install it and customize it for each of my children who have completely different tastes when it comes to games and playing on the Internet.  My eldest son, age 11, is into drag racing, heavy metal, and learning to play guitar.  I customized his KidZui for content appropriate for his age.  My youngest son has content that is appropriate for his age group.  I tested it too.  I searched for something on my eldest son’s computer and was able to find it using KidZui (it was a video) but when I attempted to search and find the same video on my youngest son’s computer – I was told there was no such item available.

I just LOVE that!

What really tickled me was when I opened up my email messages this morning and found a Weekly Activity Report from KidZui about my child’s usage of the browser this past week.

I know that he spent a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes using KidZui this past week and a breakdown of when those times were.

I also know that he had a preference for the following this week:

  1. Games
  2. Sports Games
  3. Racing Games
  4. Movies
  5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  6. Star Wars
  7. Darth Vader
  8. YouTube
  9. Disney Movies
  10. Educational Games

The KidZui Browser has won the NAPPA Gold award from the National Parenting Publications Awards for Best Children’s Software, the Parents’ Choice Award for Best Website, and the Editor’s Choice Award for best Children’s Technology Review.  It’s also received a 5-star rating from CNet’s Editors and from TuCows.

If you have a busy lifestyle and want your children to be able to enjoy all the fun and imaginative and educational content that is available on the Internet without sacrificing their safety and your time – I highly recommend downloading and installing the KidZui Browser for your children.

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  1. It's a wonderful program and I was able to get it loaded on both of my boys' computers and set up for each of them in just a matter of minutes! Let me know how it turns out and works for you!

  2. Been meaning to try and add this to my girls' laptops, but I keep forgetting….the life of a busy mom I guess…but gonna try to get it on tonite!

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