Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Be Without

The kitchen is the perfect place to have fun with food, play around with ingredients and try out a whole host of fun gadgets. There are tonnes of fun gadgets and devices which can make your cooking experience much easier, and here are some of the gadgets which you cannot live without in the kitchen.

Polder Digital Timer on a String

If you struggle with timings when you are cooking, this device is an absolute must have. Rather than having to worry about remembering to check the clock, you will be able to Time your food and this handy timer will hang around your neck and alert you when the food is ready. You can even mount it on the fridge with a magnet if you want to.

Spring Loaded Ice Cream Scoop

If you have never used a spring loaded ice cream scoop, you are seriously missing out. Usually when you scoop ice cream you end up with it all getting stuck in the scoop, but a spring loaded one simply pops the ice cream out with hardly any effort at all. You can also apply these to other uses in the kitchen such as for cupcakes or even for meatballs.

Instant Read Thermometer

Meat can be a tricky food to cook, especially if you are roasting a full joint in the oven. Knowing when your meat is cooked is essential in cooking if you don’t want to poison your family and friends, and this thermometer can make things much easier for you. Simply insert this into the deepest part of the meat and it will instantly read the temperature. You can find the cooked temperature for meat online ad compare the reading.

Microplane Hand Graters

Rather than having one massive box grater in the cupboard, you can buy a few hand graters of different sizes to suit different items of food. The largest holes will be ideal for cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella, smaller holes are perfect for Parmesan to top your pasta, and the tiny holes are ideal for zesting lemons and limes. They make life in the kitchen much easier for all.

Good Knives

Although you could go out and buy a massive 10 piece knife set, you don’t have to. As long as you choose great knives for the kitchen, you could have different knives for everything. You might have a favourite knife for cutting bread which is a completely different brand to what you use to carve meat. Just go with your instincts and choose knives you love.

Boiling Water Taps

Don’t worry, you don’t need to get Plumbers in for this one. Boiling water taps are a new craze sweeping through kitchen across the country and they can make cooking much more efficient. Rather than waiting for the kettle to boiled for your morning brew, simply turn on the tap and pour. You can also use it to wash vegetables and cook pasta. And for safety there is a separate setting on your tap which deals with building water, if you switch it off it will work like a regular mixer.

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What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets you cannot live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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