Kitchenware You Need to Truly Build a World-Class Kitchen

A world-class kitchen can be built with the careful implementation of a few key pieces. First and foremost, it has to be a functional space. If the kitchen itself is not functional, having world-class kitchenware isn’t going to do much good. Those that like to entertain will need items to make multiple items at one time without compromising quality as well.

Raclette Cookware

Some consumers may be unaware of what a raclette is. It is a dish of Swiss origin that involves cooking cheese to a melting point and scraping it off onto another food item or plate. There are several types of raclette cookware from single trays to sets of eight available at Raclette to view. It is a fun way to entertain and offer guests something different. This cookware is also ideal for cooking individual portions of eggs, quiche, pancakes and frittatas.

Silicone Utensils

To work with raclette cookware, it is ideal to also have silicone utensils on hand. These will prevent scratches from becoming embedded in the surface of the cookware to maintain their integrity. Silicone utensils can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is nearly impossible to melt or ruin them. It is possible to set the utensils inside the cookware to turn or stir items as they cook as well. It is a convenience to have this type of utensils handy.

Stainless Steel Tools

Stainless steel utensils are durable and look great while you use them to prepare items for guests. It is also a clear indication that you are picky about how food is prepared. Stainless steel will not rust, maintains its shine and can be displayed on a counter top in a storage vessel neatly. With these tools being so high-end and durable, creating masterpieces for your family on a daily basis or for a special occasion is much easier. There are utensils for every purpose, even for cutting and shaving specific types of cheeses.

High-End Appliances

In order to complete a world-class kitchen, you will also need world-class, high-end appliances. Double ovens and a multiple burner cook top are ideal. You will also need to have a good refrigerator/freezer, preferably with drawers specifically for meats, cheeses and produce. A sub-zero freezer unit is also ideal to keep expensive cuts of meat for an extended period of time after stocking up during a sale. A wide variety of designs for high-end appliances are available to complete the look of a professional, world-class kitchen design from those that are effaced to match cabinetry to those with glass fronts for a clear view of the contents.

Matching Serving Vessels

To go with a great looking kitchen, you’ll also need some matching serving vessels, plates, cups and bowls. Try to pick designs that match the décor of the serving area as well as something that you can use for multiple occasions. This would include using an all white or all black collection. You could also use a themed pattern that is neutral to events or specific themes.

Building a world-class kitchen requires a bit of preparation and thought. It also requires that you have top notch equipment, including a raclette cookware to provide your family and guests with something new. The right utensils, setup and equipment in a kitchen make preparing food an entirely new experience. Home cooks can appear to be world-class chefs with a bit of creativity and everything they need to properly prepare fresh ingredients. If a recipe calls for a specific tool to be used, it is ideal to have it on hand as substitutions may not suffice and could make the items appear to be improperly prepared. 

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