Knowing What to Buy for a Sneakerhead

When it comes to gift giving, choosing the right thing for people can be extremely difficult. While we may find that we can choose things for certain people extremely easily, there are others who completely evade our judgment, no matter how well we might know them and their personal interests. Let’s take sneakerheads for example, such as my 15-year-old who is OBSESSIVE about his sneakers.

Sneakerheads are sports shoe enthusiasts. They tend to collect exclusive release sneakers from a wide variety of brands, whether for their own use, to keep in order to sell them later when they accumulate value, or simply for the sake of appreciating a good shoe and keeping it in immaculate condition.

Now, when it comes to buying gifts for a sneakerhead, most people will think that you have things easy. You just have to get them a pair of sneakers, of course! But while the individual may appreciate the sentiment, there are certain shoes out there that will bring a bigger smile to their face than others. So, let’s take a look at some of the most desired shoes out there!

Knowing What to Buy a Sneakerhead

Air Jordans

Air Jordans are perhaps the classic sneaker. Released in the 1980s by Nike, these shoes were made famous through Michael Jordan’s endorsement of them. He wore these kicks during games, despite them being banned by the NBA, landing a $5000 fine each and every time he wore them. Since then, various runs and versions have been released, and you’ll find that many sneakerheads exclusively collect these trainers. So, if you’re looking for a classic gift take a look at the air jordan 11 concord. The classic black and white panels will appeal to almost anyone’s taste!

Balenciaga Triple S

If you’re going a little higher with your budget, you could take a look at the notorious Balenciaga Triple S. Balenciaga’s latest run of trainers has been labeled “ugly” by a majority of people. Perhaps this is due to the distinctively swollen soles and the bulky shaping around the toes. But regardless of reviews, they’re still flying off the shelves and adorning the feet of fashion-forward individuals the world over. Some even claim that the sneaker itself is a work of art. Consider them a statement piece – and where a statement is being made, sneakerheads are turning their attention.

BVG x Adidas Originals

This 2018 release is perhaps one of the newest pairs of sneakers on this list, but this collaboration has created shoes that will doubtlessly become a collector piece down the line, so will make the perfect pair to gift someone with. The collaboration is truly unique, as Adidas (one of the world’s most famous and successful sneaker brands) pairs up with BVG (short for Berliner Verkehrsbetribie) – a German transport service. The sneaker features BVG’s signature chair and carpet pattern and the tongue features a yearly train ticket.

While these are just three of the potential types of shoe you might like to gift a sneakerhead with, they are surefire wins. So, take a look and see what will suit the recipient best!

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