Lacrosse Moms: Help Your Child Gear Up for Game Time

Lacrosse teaches children important skills like teamwork, as well as provides a fun way for kids to get outside and be active. As a mom, seeing your child succeed in a sport like lacrosse is just as rewarding. To make sure your child has everything they need to play hard, here are a few tips to help both you and your child gear up before a game.

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Equipment Overview

Understanding what equipment to give for your child is one of the largest hurdles to overcome as a lacrosse mom. However, US Lacrosse puts out an equipment guide that greatly simplifies the process, including a list of approved sticks for both men’s and women’s play. Videos are also available showing how to put on equipment, which can be complicated, especially for boys’ field equipment. your child’s coach is also an excellent resource for what equipment is required, as different ages and organizations may have varying rules for equipment. Here’s a list of some of the general basic pieces of equipment:

Boys Field Equipment

The rules vary between men’s and women’s play for Lacrosse, creating unique needs for each gender. Boys require an approved lacrosse stick, gloves, helmet, protective cup, mouth guard, shoulder pads and arm pads. Additionally, rib pads are recommended but not required. Goalies need additional equipment including goalie gloves, throat guard and chest protector.

Boys lacrosse is a contact sport and so you will want to keep in mind a few things when looking for equipment. Of all the injuries that can happen in sports, damage to the head is the longest lasting and most severe. The norms of head protection are quickly being revealed as inadequate. According to Able Dental in Medicine Hat, Canada, concussions and other head injuries can be prevented with a good helmet and a dental clinic grade mouth guard (serious head injuries can occur when a jaw slams together unprotected).

Girls Field Equipment

Girls lacrosse is less physical as far as impacts between players, and as such requires less equipment. However, girls still require an approved lacrosse stick, goggles, mouth guard and lacrosse cleats for women. While not required, gloves are also recommended. Approved soft headgear may be worn if approved. Girl goalies require goalie gloves, chest protector, pelvic or abdominal protection, mouth guard, helmet, throat guard and leg pads.


Beyond equipment, it’s essential that each child gets adequate nutrition to fuel the fast pace in which the game is played. Make sure your child eats at least a small meal before each game filled with healthy carbohydrates and lean proteins, and pack healthy snacks for energy during games or practices. Hydration is essential, so keep water bottles filled and handy.

Joining the ranks of lacrosse moms means more than just preparing your child for games. Consider getting involved, whether it be going to each game, taking pictures for the team, keeping score or even assistant coaching if needed. The more you get involved, the more both you and your child can enjoy lacrosse together as a family.

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