Landscaping Inspiration to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Considering that there are just as many different landscaping ideas as what there are houses out there settling on a unique front yard design may be a bit overwhelming. However, if you approach the task with a few simple ideas, you can essentially formulate an effective landscaping plan.

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Alternatively, if the job itself seems a bit tedious and tricky, you may want to hand the responsibility to a professional landscaping service such as CountrySide Landscaping. Whether you are opting for a professional landscaping service or determined to take on the project by yourself, these top ideas will effectively boost the curb appeal of your property while also adding value to your home.

Utilize Your Space Wisely

It is almost irrelevant how much space you have in your front yard considering adequate planning will help you utilize even the smallest space perfectly. If your front yard is somewhat smaller than average, then you may want to minimize your use of yard decor items and opt for smaller plants.

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It is crucial to ensure you have selected the right type of plants for the amount of space available and climate. You can determine the best plants by considering your location and the climate while also considering the visual appeal. It would be wise to opt for greenery that would be able to maintain curb appeal all year round rather than seasonal plants.

Connecting Points Of Interest

Creating a walkway or two will significantly aid the prevention of trampling the lawn between points of interest. There’s no denying that paths of dead grass leading from your patio to your front door will not encourage a charming curb appeal.

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You can easily create an attractive walkway by using concrete stones or even several pebbles, and the effort will effectively enhance the overall charm of your front yard instantly. Using materials that complement and coordinate with what is used on the exterior of your property would be the best approach.

Yard Maintenance 

Simply executing a landscaping plan is really not the entirety of upholding curb appeal as you will need to dedicate a certain amount of time regularly to maintaining your yard by keeping it neat and tidy. Even though the bulk of the work will be done once you have completed your landscaping plan, you will still need to mow the lawn and pull weeds every so often.

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Trimming trees and shrubs is as necessary and cleaning patio furniture because neglecting to do so will inevitably result in your front yard resembling an overgrowing jungle. 

landscaping inspiration to increase your home's value

To ensure you can regularly maintain your yard, you should have appropriate tools and equipment stored in your garage or your garden shed. Even though a beautiful yard will require ongoing maintenance, you should keep in mind that the effort can actually increase property value by up to 3%. Furthermore, you will also find the effort is well worth it as you will have your very own outdoor sanctuary to enjoy every day.

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