When Bird Watching Becomes a Hitchcock Film

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When a Hobby Takes a Turn

Hobbies are a big topic on Life in a House too. With a daughter, two sons, and a husband and wife who couldn’t be more opposite – we cover a wide variety of hobbies and entertainment. Let’s face it – we spend a good portion of our lives trying not to be bored and learning new things. Bird watching is one of those hobbies that can help relax you.

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When Bird Watching Becomes An Invasion

Always remember that, when YOU are watching the birds, THEY are watching you in return. Kind of freaky if you ask me and something serious to consider when it is your home or business the birds are interested in.

Some birds, like robins or cardinals, you might not mind taking refuge in your shed or shoot, even your mailbox (although highly unlikely). Some costly problems they can cause though are when your gutters and water system get backed up due to their nest building tendencies.

Your new “neighbors” are not exactly contributing to fixing these problems, they are the cause of the problem.

Holding Down the Fort

Once you realize that the birds are watching, it’s time to make sure these new neighbors intend to remain friendly or whether they need to be pushed on to a more hospitable habitat. A company that deals with pest bird control in New Jersey counterattacks by building a barrier so that the birds cannot build their nests in your home – mostly pigeons.

This works because, if a pigeon has no home to return to, then there is no reason to stay. Some birds do not fly south for the winter, which can cause them to be a year-long issue. However, sometimes the simplest move includes keeping a clean home or business location. Think about it – clean and uncluttered means nowhere to hide, and no junk that can be used for nesting.

The Bird Takedown

If you’ve already discovered you have a problem, then it is time to find out where they are and how to make sure you get them gone for good. A great way to start is to hire the Bird Doctor to do an inspection and offer advice on how to move forward and determine what your next move is going to be to get the birds to move on elsewhere. They can find the central problem and offer solutions to solve it safely and sufficiently.

Birds can bring more harm than just being a nuisance, they can also carry diseases. Bird waste can cause dangerous bacteria and become a hygienic disaster for your home, and a possible health violation for your business.

Most agencies that deal with bird removal will provide a free estimate on what it will take and what the costs will be and help you to devise a plan of attack (pun intended) to get The Birds under control.

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