Learn How to Secure Your Home When You Are Away

Leaving your home empty isn’t always easy, but this doesn’t mean you need to shout out loud that no one is there, and anyone is welcome to try their luck. Instead, you need to make sure your home is secured, and anyone is trying to break in will be met with utter failure. Let the following show you how!

No Excuses for a Stuffed Mailbox

No Excuses

There is no vacation for security. Therefore, you have to ask around and collect mail yourself. Never let a pile of letters fill your letterbox. A neighbor parking in the driveway can signal if the house is empty. Therefore, you cannot trust anyone than yourself to secure your home.

If you have to go out leaving your house empty, you need to take certain measures to secure your home. One of these measures is giving the outlook that someone is there at your home. You can buy automatic lights, and organize for someone to take care of the garden.

Motion Sensor LED Lights for Your Home
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Protect the Soft Spots

By soft spots, we mean your garage or garden shed that is an easy target for anyone looking to break in. Burglars use tools, and ladder to gain access, and ironically they find these easily at your home. Therefore you need to upgrade your defenses.

So, get an automatic light which is used as a deterrent and assure you have keyed locks. Windows and doors are usually damaged during break-ins. Strengthen your defenses, get a solid core door which is hard to force, and will prevent burglars from getting in.

guard dog

Get a Dog

Beware of a Dog signs are very common in commercial properties. These are very effective to keep intruders out. Pick a mean scarring looking dog that will scare away any troublemaker. Make friends with a dog, and don’t put him on a leash.

A free roaming dog will alarm any potential invader and will diffuse any bad situation before it even takes place.

Low Volume

We are going to talk about your landline phones. We know its 2018, and yes having them today pays off. If your ringtone is high, a passerby will definitely hear it as it goes to voicemail. This is a clear giveaway that no one is home and they should try out their luck.

Speaking of giveaways, avoid leaving signs on the door for anyone else making it clear you are away. If you were expecting something, you better keep your neighbors in the loop.

broken window


You need to check the windows carefully to make sure they won’t have a way for a break in. Start with the bathroom windows because they are a cliché. Burglars are often people you know – like a serviceman working. They can unlatch the window to get in late, so double-check for unlatched windows.

Get a security system that offers electric security measures against windows. If you can’t afford such a thing, then you can at least get a window decal. This won’t do any good against any experience thief but will keep novice ones from even trying their luck.

We’re sure you’ll find these tips helpful in keeping your home secure, and would love to hear your thoughts on other measures to keep your home safe when you’re away for a period of time in the comments below.

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