Let There Be Light! How To Brighten Up Your Home

Do you ever feel like your home is a little on the dark side? Bringing some light into a room can make it feel more spacious and modern, helping your home look beautiful. The good news is that you can create more light in your home easily with a few simple tips and tricks. Want to let the light in? Here are some tips on how to brighten up your home.

Let There Be Light! How To Brighten Up Your Home

Lift Your Walls

Dark walls may give your home a stylish edge, but they can make your home feel much darker – even in a room filled with windows. Paler wall colors are a simple solution for making your home feel lighter, so opt for colors at the lighter end of the spectrum to help you bring some light in. A feature wall is a great way to incorporate a darker shade if you want to leave some of your original colors behind.

Change Your Lighting Scheme

There are many different styles of lighting to choose from for your home, and some can make it feel lighter than others. If you struggle to get your home to feel light and open, then it might be time to change your lightbulbs. Many people are swapping their usual warm lights to daylight bulbs as a way to create more natural-looking light in a room. There are many advantages to using daylight bulbs in your home, especially if you like to take photographs. Best of all, because they mimic daylight, they can also help to combat feelings of depression that can be felt during the winter months.

Go Transparent

A nice open plan home is one way to make your home look modern and spacious, but money and design constraints mean that it’s not an option for everyone. What you can do instead is opt for more glass in your home to give it a larger, airier feel. Installing glass doors means your room will benefit from the light of others in your home and make things feel much more open. Adding glass doors is much simpler than installing new windows, but you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of window cleaner to help keep them sparkling!

Clear the Clutter

A room that is untidy and full of clutter will instantly look darker and less spacious, but is something that can be fixed easily if you put some effort into it. Take some time to rid your room of clutter – make sure everything has its proper place. If you need to, bring in some additional storage solutions such as trunks and decorative boxes that can help your home maintain a neat appearance to let the light fill the room. Get into the habit of clearing out clutter regularly to help keep your home looking great.

Bringing more light into your home will give it a different look and feel, instantly creating space and a brighter atmosphere. If you’re serious about bringing more light in, you might want to consider undertaking some work on your home to bring in more natural light from outside. Take a look at these top tips for renovating your home to get some inspiration on how to get started.

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