Lighting Trends for Your Home in 2020

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Light plays such a critical role in any home, as it has a direct impact on the style and ambiance of the property. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the latest lighting trends for 2020. 


Chandeliers, such as those available at SDC Murano, can add a touch of glamour, luxury, and style to any home. This is the type of light that is ideal for any homeowner looking to make a huge style statement, as they are assured to be the main attraction in any room. Chandeliers can look beautiful in living rooms and bedrooms, whilst they can wow people from the moment they enter your home if they are placed in the hallway.

Traditional ceiling lights

You can transform the appearance of your home with a stunning and traditional ceiling light. These types of lights offer so much more than beauty, they provide character, which adds to the overall feel and atmosphere of your home. Despite this, there is still a lot to consider, as you will want a ceiling light that provides the right level of illumination and is in proportion with the dimensions of your room.

Low-energy solutions

Are you growing tired of increasing utility bills? We know the feeling! By investing in a low energy light you can reduce your negative environmental impact whilst saving a considerable degree of money on your electricity bill.  Once you start looking through the range of low energy lights available online today, you will see that you have a huge number of options to choose from. Not only are these lights cost-efficient, but you have everything from contemporary chrome fixtures to stunning antique bronze lights to choose from, ensuring you add style to your home. 

lighting trends for your home

Designer lighting

If you are looking for a statement light that is going to transform your home, it is worth going down the designer route. We have noticed that people are willing to spend more money on lighting these days. Designer lights have that extra special edge – the wow factor. They command attention and therefore they can revitalize any space, becoming the focal point in any room.

Fun and unique children’s lighting

Bring the fun to your child’s bedroom with a unique kid’s light. There are no rules when it comes to a kid’s bedroom – you can add as much color, fun, and personality as you like. It is all about creating a place that is fun for your little one to be in, yet an environment that is comforting so they can easily drift off to sleep at night. That’s why the balance between style and soft yet effective lighting is vital. There are so many different types of children’s lighting available today, from helicopters to airplanes; these lights are creative, fun, and exciting. They will add tons of personality to your little one’s bedroom and most importantly, you will benefit from a light that your child will love just as much as you do.

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