Little Known Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Pet

We all love animals, and most of all, we love those of them who we talk for walks everyday and snuggle up with on the sofa by the end of the day. A.k.a, our pets! Of course, we’re not all cut out for raising puppies or giving older felines somewhere to live in comfort for the rest of their life, but there’s so much joy that can be gotten out of simply coming home to see a wagging tail to greet you or your cat rubbing against your legs. Even if you’re not a pet owner, you can immediately understand how a furry friend can be a huge part of someone’s world.

However, pets aren’t immune to the effects of life, and they can get sick just like we can.  We’ve touched on this subject before, but let’s look a little more in depth at some of the lesser known signs of a health concern in your four legged friend.

A Swollen Belly

When you pet your cat or dog, you’re going to be able to feel whether its belly is hard or soft, for one. And for another, you’re going to be able to tell whether their stomach is similarly distended or not; we spend a lot of our time destressing by petting a cute animal after all! If you notice that there is swelling there, try to get your pet to a vet as soon as possible.

Try not to be alarmed over this, but when there’s a swollen stomach in your pet, something could be catastrophically wrong with their gut. And whilst grabbing some natural antibiotics for dogs might help, and make sure you ask your vet about it before you administer any of this kind of medicine, you’re definitely going to need to have a professional opinion on whether this kind of bloat is serious or not.

They’re Scratching a Lot More

All pets like to scratch, and there’s always going to be times when you find them rubbing at an ear or padding the ground with their back leg as they target a particular spot behind their legs. However, if you’re always catching your pet scratching, it could be a sign something has changed with their skin or fur. Fleas or a rash, always check their body out.

They Have a Fever

It can be incredibly difficult to tell whether or not a pet has a fever, they run hotter than us humans after all. And you’re not always going to be able to go off how the nose feels either! Use a thermometer instead to see if your suspicions are correct. Fever in a pet usually comes from a high temperature outside, so be on the lookout for accompanying shivering and loss of appetite as well.

So when the time comes for you to take your animal down to the vet, you’re going to need to know all of the symptoms your pet has been presenting to get the best help possible!

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