Living Comfortably All Your Days Inside A Wonderful Home

Some people enjoy living in a new home every five years. Some people move across international borders and set themselves up wherever they feel like each year. However some people, the people we are concerned with regarding this article, want to live in the same home they love for the rest of their lives. This might be a home they have struggled and sacrificed to achieve, or it might be a home they have inherited and love with all their might.

Living Comfortably All Your Days Inside A Wonderful Home

Living comfortably in a home such as this is possible, but sometimes things can get a little stale. It’s easy to fall victim to the ‘grass is greener’ mindset, which often leaves us feeling a little down in the dumps. It can be hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes, and this can lead to feeling as though you need a change when really, you’re perfectly happy staying put.

Everyone needs novelty and change however, so here are some tips to keep your beautiful home fresh and fun to live in for as long as you’re able.


A home is not a fixed entity. It always has room for growth, change and novelty. This is fantastic if you’re looking to update your home with the times, or to change the space thanks to your growing family unit. Breaking through walls, using affordable services such as Million Dollar Makeovers and generally recrafting your design philosophy can keep you happy and active in keeping your place relevant to you. Making big changes is more affordable than you might desire. For example, changing your bathroom to a wet room can make a full shower facility for everyone, helping the room feel new, novel, and easy to clean. Even something as simple as changing colors can help your home feel different. On top of that, visiting the window treatment store and letting in plenty of natural light will open up your space – and ensure it is safe, of course! 


Moving your furniture around can do more for the changing and shifting nature of your property than you might think. Simply turning furnishings around 180 degrees can help a room feel new and bright. Think of how the furniture in your room dictates how you maneuver around the space. For example, using your sofa or kitchen table to cordon off space, or to separate an open room can work well. We’d recommend going outside of your comfort zone with this. It’s likely you’ll see a profound change in the way your room feels.


Sometimes, extending your property is the only or most favorable option. If you gain the valid planning permission and have the funding you can transform a space to feel like a new house, for only a fraction of the cost. For example, breaking out into a conservatory can make your cramped living room feel like a massive communal hub, one which connects with your garden in a much more organic way. This space will also be able for renovation over the coming years, and diving the space up artificially will become even more possible, as more room for furnishings allows for a greater potential in how you define the room you have to work with.

Keep your creative ambition well inspired, and you’ll find yourself developing your space into one that feels continually refreshed.

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