Looking Back on Me Over the Years

Okay, with my 42nd birthday fast approaching I thought it might be nice to look back at some pictures from my past and see how I’ve changed. WTF was I thinking?!? It’s time for a makeover. I need a new look. But just for giggles, thought I’d share some pictures with you all for a limited time. These puppies are going bye-bye in a few short days so you best look while you can!

1967 – Baby Me. Ain’t I cute?

1972 – My brother, Stan, and I when I was 5 and he was 3. Cute kids huh? Mom said we were hell on wheels too.

June 1985 – Graduation Day from Blue Moutain High School with my best friend, Priscilla. Yep, I was bawling my eyes out. Miss you Cil!

1988 – My (then) sister-in-law’s wedding. I was 7 months pregnant with April. Can you tell? Or do I just look fat?

April 1990 – April and I got our picture taken at Olan Mills while her dad was overseas on a deployment.

1991 – On our way to the Marine Corps Ball. My first and last. I think this was in 1991, may have been 1992.

1993 – Me, Carol and Dawn. The party girls. Post-divorce, headed for a night out on the town.

March 17, 2003 – Just home from the hospital after giving birth to Tre. Worn out already!

2006 – This was right after the proverbial shit hit the fan with regards to a certain fiasco on the home front I was dealing with. We won’t go there.

2007 – Me, trying to look cute for the camera, and failing miserably.

So that’s me…and once I get my 2009 makeover I’ll post another new picture. Hell, I might even spring for a GlamourShots session if I look good enough!

2020 Kimberly Signature

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