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These days, our homes are equipped with many electronics and electrical appliances, some of which require a stand while still others have built in legs on which they rely. Our televisions are one such appliance that can be mounted to the wall, placed on a stand, or is self-supporting. There are many factors you should consider when buying the perfect stand for your television.

Is There a Need for a Stand

If you are switching to a flat screen television you can have a bigger television while the weight will still be less than its predecessors. Having the right sized stand however is essential for a comfortable view. Our walk through below will let you know how to pick an ideal stand for your type of television. Here are some easy to follow guidelines to consider before you purchase a new stand.


Before heading out to shop – do your homework first. Determine what you will need, how much space you have, and the price range you are willing to work with. Measure your television and have the dimensions written down, as well as measuring the space where you want to put the stand. This will help with your decision making because modern TV stands come in various styles. By accounting for the width of the television, you can look for a stand that will be the best option for your space and requirements. Keep in mind your furniture placement and take into account all possible locations for the television. Depending on the space where you will be putting the stand, you may need a slim TV stand or you can go for a full-fledge rack type TV stand.


You want to be sure to take into account a comfortable viewing angle because you definitely do not want to strain your neck trying to watch television! Select a stand that will put the lower half of your TV screen level with your line of sight when seated. Another benchmark for comfort is that the middle of your TV screen should be at or slightly below eye level from your viewing position.


Television stands can be grouped into two categories – simple stands and feature stands. If you want to go with a simple stand, you’ll have a stand large enough for the television and a remote control. If you want to go with a featured stand; however, there are a variety of products to consider. 

Some additional features of a TV stand are drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Do you need extra space to store books? Places to put decorative pieces and picture frames? Some TV stands have space for cable management as well, if you have a home theater system you might want a stand that will handle all of the items for your system, so keep these in mind.

Type of Stand

Many kinds of TV stands are available on the market but, you can totally create a do-it-yourself stand too! You can add any features that you want, you can even create a fixed stand with no wheels or one that has wheels if you need mobility to move your television stand around the room.

Color and Material of Made

Choose a color that will compliment your home décor and television style. There are always the classic old-school colors that fit almost any decor or color scheme, black and white being two of them. Most TV stands are made of wood, but you can easily find them in metal and plastic and other variations to coordinate with your interior design.

Strength of Stand

Last but not least, while you are shopping for a TV stand, keep in mind the weight of your television and look for a stand that can easily bear the weight of the television. Be sure to check the stand’s maximum weight capacity before buying to ensure that it will do the job needed.

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