Looking for Tax Hacks? Try Using a Coupon for Tax Software

I’m all about finding shortcuts or hacks when it comes to performing just about any mundane task. Whether it’s on a vacation to Disney World, or just going out to lunch, I feel the need to find a deal, freebie, or somehow bend the rules to my advantage.

Now that I’m doing my taxes, I may have met my match, as I’m searching in vain for ways to make this process more enjoyable or cheaper. The only thing of value that I found was a coupon for the tax software that I use.

Tax Hack? Use a Coupon for Tax Prep Software

So, I wish I could tell you about a secret way to breeze through your taxes in 20 minutes, but it doesn’t exist. Sure, there are good tips for finding deductions, but I want a promo code that magically doubles my refund, or something. So, that doesn’t exist, but if you do your own taxes, at least know that you can use a coupon!

TurboTax 20% Off Coupon
Deluxe, Premier, or Self-Employed or Free Editions

Besides this popular online discount for TurboTax, the same site has a coupon for 50% off H&R Block software, and even a printable one if you are a new customer at a local H&R Block office.

In fact, a number of coupon or tax sites have similar been given semi-exclusive coupons to promote these brands, so a simple Google search yields these same discounts elsewhere.

Sorry, Ben is right – you still have to do your taxes

Yeah, apparently! Even though thousands of people cut corners or flat-out cheat on their income taxes every year, few people are willing to volunteer any legal “tax hacks” to beat the system fairly.

While I was searching, I found a way to turn a plastic soda bottle into a lawn sprinkler, and how to use a shoe as a cupholder in the car, but still no dice on tax preparation.

In other words, Ben Franklin was right, and I still have to suck it up and do my taxes in the same, uninspiring way this year. Oh, well. Hopefully you can get some satisfaction in saving $20 or so by using a coupon. Its still kind of mixed emotions for me, though; like finding a sticky quarter on the ground, or something!

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  1. Theres nothing surer than death and taxes as they say and its not a thing you want to cut corners on and get on the radar of the IRS

  2. Yay for a great way to save money during tax season!! Turbotax is my favorite to use to file!!

  3. I still have to do my taxes. Thank you so much for sharing this savings. I would never have thought to do this

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