Looking for the BEST Review Websites

We’ve all done it, we’ve all been on those sites, and it’s essentially how we make decisions in our lives and before planning any events or trips. 

What am I talking about? Reviews.

We read them, analyze them and take to heart everything the person has said. Even if we haven’t experienced the place or activity for ourselves? Is this sane?

Before booking a holiday and while browsing the different hotels and packages, we immediately scroll down to see what people are moaning about. Why do we do it to ourselves? It can put us off a completely perfect holiday all for the sake of, what could have been, one-off night. 

The same goes for appliances, furniture or gadgets. We check star ratings, customer satisfaction levels and is it worth investing the money if it’s only 4 stars? Why isn’t it 5 stars you keep thinking to yourself?

Like with anything, if you keep on digging, you will find something and it’s usually not the answer we were hoping for am I right?

But if you’re like me, and read every product description and consumer satisfaction report, then this is the norm. You like to know what people think of an item, who have tried and tested it before you waste any money. Sound about right? Then read all the reviews on everything imaginable till your heart’s content, better put the kettle on.

Why do people trust reviews?

For me, if I’m shopping from a new company or planning on going to a new holiday destination I’m looking for the place with the highest star rating.

Why? Well, I assume that people have been ‘so’ happy with the purchase or service at a venue that they had to share it with the world. Is this not the main reason for ‘making the effort’ to go online in the first place and type something up? Besides, stars mean sparkle and we can always use an extra bit of sparkle in our lives.

We tend to trust opinions against all odds, even more so if it’s about a new restaurant that’s just opened and your friends and family are raving about it. When you do arrive for your reservation it’s already on a positive note with great anticipation and expectation, and thus the food usually looks and tastes better. 

Some might not agree with reviews and rely on first-hand experiences to pave their way, others are sheep and just follow the flock. Read more info at this URL about how and why people trust online reviews and comments, and conclude on your own merits. 

5 Advantages of Reviews

  • Free Advertising. By having positive comments and write-ups customers are automatically drawn to your brand and business, word of mouth is just as big an advertisement as online.
  • Increased revenue. Customers come into the shop happy when they’ve read a lot of good things about the products and services, this sets them in a good mood and end up spending more than initially intended just because they feel good in your store.
  • More Custom. People like to keep up with trends and fashion, if your business is on everyone’s lips this will spike interest and intrigue and you’ll have more foot traffic coming your way.
  • Confidence. Higher ratings make consumers feel confident in shopping with you, and this, in turn, increases recommendations.
  • Critics. Receiving feedback whether positive or negative it can allow you to make tweaks in the business where certain aspects may be lacking, little things you might have over-looked which can be quickly fixed and sorted.

Many factors go into online reviews, watch this quick video on the tips and tricks of online reviews and all the good or bad that comes with it.

Some you may have in place, others will sound like a good idea, either way, you are making and taking a step forward.

Reviews have been around for centuries, perhaps not via the net, but certainly through speaking to and recommending people to try something out. We will always be looking for the next big thing, the latest fad or highest tech gadget on the market, just be sure that you aren’t scrolling to page 34 just to find that one negative comment to throw you off the choice. 

As always, we give you our honest opinions about services and products – whether we like them or not – here on the blog and via social media.

Be your own person.

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