Looking Forward to 2013

I’ve been contemplating a New Year’s Eve post and looking forward to what I want 2013 to mean for my family and I. So to plan ahead, I went back through my blog and checked out my new year’s eve posts from the past few years.

2008 – I was going to lose 70 pounds that year, stick to a work-out regime three times a week, and be a better parent to my children. I also attempted to figure out why Aquarian have such a hard time sticking to things that they want to do.

2009 – I was tickled pink to be part of the unemployment line. I finally could stop working a job that I hated (working 11pm to 7am doing data entry all. night. long. {any idea how repetitive and B-O-R-I-N-G that gets?} I had plans to finish the dental work I needed to have done … but that still is ‘in the wings’ and being dealt with.

2010 was a hard year for our family. Thanks to some truly wonderful teachers at Mechanicsville Elementary however; they made Christmas a happy occasion for the boys, and for that I am forever in their debt. I rehashed some past New Year posts (unfortunately the links no longer are viable) and talked about what our family traditions were for welcoming in the New Year in my family.

2011 was the year that J. got his XBox 360 for Christmas and T. was ecstatic about the Angry Birds stickers to decorate his room. {Believe it or not – there are still a few that have managed to survive and are still on his wall!} I could not believe how fast the year had gone by – as usual! Our ancestral home had burned to the ground, and my sister and my dad were trying desperately to pick up the pieces and move on…something not easy to do {for my dad} because it was the home he had built with my mom.

2012 is a mix of emotions and feelings. I started out the year with grand ideas of *finally* becoming the organized diva that I dream of being. Epic fail. Something to add to this year’s list to continue working on! In February I had the chance to host a fabulous Mary Kay party with Katie Morris. In July I was worrying about my son, my daughter, my father. On July 17th my daddy passed away unexpectedly. It’s been hard not having him to talk to, hearing his laugh on the phone, having him call me my pet nickname (Guppy) from childhood. Dad’s passing; however, reconnected our family. I was able to get back in touch with relatives I haven’t seen or spoken with in years, and it brought my sister and I together again. My daughter has distanced herself from my side of the family, for whatever reasons, that is her choice. I wish her well in whatever path she chooses in life, and yes, it hurts, but I have to walk my path in life and she has hers to walk. I was blessed to have my sister and her family spend Thanksgiving with us, and the bonds between us are stronger than ever. It gave us all the chance to connect and form those family bonds that are oh so crucial in life.

The world did not end as predicted. We lost some wonderful actors and singers. We elected our President for another term in office. We lost a little angel much too soon named Elric. 151 people lost their lives to madmen this year. It’s been an eventful year, but I will be doing my part in 2013 to spread some love by doing Random Acts of Kindness at least once a month – and getting the testosterone carriers involved as well!

So here we close out another year, and look forward to what 2013 has to bring. I leave you with my most favorite song from Dan Fogelberg, “Same Old Lang Syne.” An autobiography, this song is about Dan running into an old girlfriend at a convenience store back home in Peoria, Illinois in the mid-70s. You can read more of the story at SongFacts.com. In 2008, Abingdon Street in Peoria, which was the location of the convenience store where the events of this song took place, was designated “Fogelberg Parkway” in honor of the singer, who passed away in late 2007 at age 56.

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