Looking To Be Unique? 5 Ways to Personalize Your Wardrobe For The Next Family Portrait

Having a family photo professionally taken is often an experience that will be cherished and remembered years later, if only with the wonderful photos derived from such experiences. There are some great ways to coordinate the family’s style and dress so that these photos won’t be something that members “wish” they had done something special for or dressed differently in. Try some of the following suggestions to make these prints extra special and meaningful later, while also keeping a unique flair visible in each one.

Casual dress is okay

There is nothing more awkward than photos of family dressed formally and looking stiff. If the family being photographed is not at-home in suit-and-tie, than why force the issue? A comfortable subject will appear more at ease, more confident, and happier in the finished results.

Monogrammed or personalized accents

Try something to bring cohesion to a photo besides coercing every member of the family to don the same turtleneck sweater. Try something meaningful but subtle, such as personalized jewelry including cufflinks with your initial on them. A slight nod to the family name or initial can be a powerful and significant statement later, and is one that will bring solidarity to the photo.

Comedic spin on things

Try some funny or satiric poses during a shoot, even when it seems out-of-sync with the nature of the family Christmas photo or wedding shots. Humorous tee shirts or even costumes can make a humorous platform for a photo that will be cherished- and laughed about- later on.

Cohesion through apparel

If the family insists on some sort of uniformity in dress for the photo shoot, go with something current and contemporary, and allow each member to accent or modify their own ensemble accordingly. It will be these details and touches that bring a personal flair to each member’s contribution to the picture, and will serve to generate family engagement later on when browsing the finished photo. If cousin Edith wears a lip-ring, make sure she wears it in the picture; don’t make Junior remove his cap. These are small details that will make the photo authentic and even more special.

Don’t forget the pets!

Pets are like four-legged family members; why shouldn’t they be included in the picture? Many photography professionals are experts at getting pets to cooperate during photo sessions, and at capturing the pet’s personality on film. When implementing a common theme- such as the personalized cuff-links or other such jewelry item- be sure to include Fido with their own customized collar!

There are many ways to inject some fun and flair into family photos that will not only make each shot more meaningful, but that will also keep them contemporary and fresh. All subjects in a photo look best when they feel good, so dress well, be comfortable, and have fun; these will shine through in each and every photograph!

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