Lose the Festive Season Fat Gain with a Ketogenic Diet

The festive season is filled with good company and good food. Unfortunately, eating too many treats leads to a ‘Christmas weight belt.’ If you feel that you have stacked on the pounds this festive season and want to cut it down, why not try a ketogenic diet to achieve your goal weight?

Here are the basic advantages of a ketogenic diet and how executing on it can change your physique and improve your quality of life.

Keto Diet

How do Ketogenic Diets Work?

The ketogenic diet gains its name from the metabolic process known as ‘ketosis.’ Ketosis occurs when the body’s fuel source, glycogen, has been depleted. With the body starving for fuel, the brain instructs the liver to produce ketone body’s to fuel metabolic function. These ketones are derived from dietary fat sources and adipose body tissue, i.e., body fat.

It takes between 3 and seven days after abstaining from carbs for your body to deplete its glycogen reserves. As you drain the glycogen, your body will release water bonded to it. You may notice that you lose up to 10% of your body weight during the depletion phase as the body excretes the water.

Do Ketogenic Diets Burn Fat Faster Than Balanced diets?

In a traditional diet, an energy deficit is created by eating fewer calories than the body requires for adequate energy needs. The body then burns body fat to make up the calorie deficit. However, deploying a ketogenic diet alongside a calorie deficit, the body burns fat faster as it creates more ketone bodies for fuel.

Ketogenic diets have been thoroughly studied, and the results show that overweight and obese people can benefit tremendously from using a ketogenic strategy. You will achieve a rapid fat loss if the diet is followed correctly and combined with regular exercise.

Inflammation and Keto Diets

Eating refined carbohydrates creates inflammation in the intestinal wall of the GI tract. This inflammation disturbs the balance of micro bacteria that live in your gut. By getting rid of carbs, especially refined carbs, from your diet, you will dramatically reduce inflammation. This lack of inflammation allows your gut biomes to assimilate your food efficiently.

ketogenic diet infographic

Make Smarter Food Choices

Eliminating carbs from your diet and replacing them with smarter food choices that have a low inflammatory response will keep your body healthy. Swap your carbs for healthy fat sources that are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Check out this ketogenic diet food list for alternatives to replace your current food preferences.

Beat Health Disorders

Nutritional science has discovered the link between health and food choices. Eating a diet that is high in refined carbs and processed foods will diminish your health and invite disease and health disorders into your body. Eating a ketogenic diet has been proven by science to improve your immune system response and cure specific diseases and health disorders. There is even research that shows keto diets can destroy cancer cells. Keto has a dramatic effect on thyroid response and if you have a thyroid disorder, consider running a keto diet alongside your drug treatments from the Thyroid Pharmacist.

The Final Thought

Ketogenic diets allow you to harness your body’s peak fat burning potential. Try it out for four to six weeks and log your results. If it works for you, then you can think about making keto your permanent diet choice for good health.

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