Lotus Trolley Bag Review

Update November 2021: The giveaway has since been concluded but we want our readers to know that the Lotus Trolley Bag is still the best eco-friendly grocery tote around! Read our review below!

Several years ago I made the switch from using paper and plastic bags to cloth bags. It’s one small step that I could make to help be more eco-friendly to the world I am leaving for my children. Yes, I need to throw them in the washing machine now and again when something spills versus throwing them out – but that little added step is nothing compared to the thousands of pounds of waste that hit our landfills every single day.

According to Jen and Farzan, small business owners of The Lotus Trolley Bag, the average American uses 1,500 plastic bags per year. They currently have 25,000 Lotus Trolley Bags sold which is saving our landfills from over 30 million plastic bags each year. That right there is worthy of some praise if you ask me!

So what is The Lotus Trolley Bag?

Lotus Trolley Bag explained

The Lotus Trolley Bag is an ingenious set of bags that are compact, eco-friendly, detachable, and multi-purpose bags that you can easily take with you anywhere to do your shopping. There is a special bag just for your wine and eggs (bread works well in this bag as well to keep it from getting smooshed), and then a separate cooler bag that is insulated to keep those frozen items nice and cold on a hot summer day while you run the rest of your errands as well. No need to make the grocery store last on your list with this insulated bag!

Love the Compact Easy To Carry Design

The easy-to-carry compact design of this set of bags is perfect. Even my son, Tre, said to me, “You find the coolest, time-saving stuff on the internet, Mom. This is really neat!” High praise from a 15-year-old lol!

Here are a few pictures I took of mine during my shopping trip to the store the other day. I like to utilize the self-checkout whenever possible at the store, and being able to sort my items while shopping and then bag them the same way was a complete breeze! When I arrived home, everything was in place and easy to unpack and put away.

Separate and Fit Perfectly in the Trunk - Lotus Trolley Bag
Separate and Fit Perfectly in the Trunk - Lotus Trolley Bag
Small Grocery Runs or Weekly Hauls - Lotus Trolley Bag Handles It All
Lotus Trolley Bags -set of 4

Don't be fooled by imposters. Get the ORIGINAL Lotus Trolley Bags with a Large Cooler Bag and Egg/Wine holder! Reusable, eco-friendly, grocery cart bags sized for USA carts. 4-Bag set includes a purple, turquoise, blue, and brown bag.

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Even though this post was published 4 years ago, we still use our Lotus Trolley bags every time we head to the grocery store. They have held up wonderfully through small trips and large, and make transporting groceries into the house so much easier! We’re sure you are going to love yours as much as we love ours!

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  1. These bags would be great to own for taking shopping with me when I go to town to do the big grocery shopping.

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