Luxury Living: Best Tech for Your Home

Luxury technology in the home is rising in popularity. People are getting used to having technology around, and having it make life easier or more enjoyable for them. Here is a list of what tech we think is best for your home.

Lexon Charging Station

This charging station is curved and well designed. It stands out from other chargers as it charges and disinfects your phone at the same time using ultraviolet light in its 20-minute sanitizing cycle.

Modern Smart One-Piece Toilet

This toilet is the future of tech toilets in the home. Make your bathroom the most talked about room in the house and get this toilet. It has a bidet option, LED lighting and an automatic flush feature. Give yourself the spa treatment with a ‘female clean’ and ‘warm air drying’ feature. You probably won’t want to leave the bathroom ever again.

Designer Radiators

Embody your style with your modern radiators. Choose from a wealth of styles and designs on

Stelrad aims to change the way we see radiators. They have worked towards ergonomic designs that work in every home. There is something for everyone on their site, and they all look fantastic. Choose a colour to suit your décor or a shape to fit your space.

Trust that they will work efficiently for the size of your home with their online energy-saving tools.

Bose Smart Speaker

Bose has brought out this great smart speaker, it looks great and has a multitude of functions. It has built-in voice control, so you can play pause and choose tracks from anywhere in the room. It also has Airplay 2 connect ability, which means you can use it in conjunction with your other devices.

Smart Solar

With smart solar panels, you can get energy for your home and control the usage through your phone. Check the voltage that you are receiving throughout the day and compare it with previous days to understand how you are using your power. There are a lot of different brands that have smart solar meters so check which one works for you.

Ultion Lock

These smart door handles are very modern, they have technology that knows who is approaching and they unlock for you with a control free app. You can send guests the keys to your house by phone and it will unlock for them as they walk up to your door. It links with their other smart products, including their wireless keypad. A good option to add for extra security.

Automatic Pan Stirrer

Kitchens are having a technological makeover this year. Fridges have televisions built-in, and toasters can play your music. Our favourite new technology for your kitchen in 2021 is the automatic pan stirrer. No longer do you have to stand there and stir your sauces. It does it all for you. It has a timer built in too so that you can choose when you stop it.

We hope you love these tech options for your home in 2021. It looks as though there is going to be an influx of technology on the market for use in homes across the world in the upcoming year.

Luxury Living: Best Tech for Your Home
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