Keep Your Plumbing System Flowing Clear

You likely don’t pay much attention to your home’s plumbing system, and that’s perfectly understandable since you can’t see most of it. That being said, you still want to take steps to properly maintain your plumbing system so you don’t run into avoidable problems later on down the line. Being proactive can save you a lot of money and help you maintain your peace of mind as well. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled 

One of the best things you can do is simply pay attention to your plumbing system. If you ever notice dripping faucets, leaks at the bottom of your fridge or odd spots of moisture, do yourself a favor and reach out to Reimer plumbing services. Even the smallest leak can be an indication of a major problem, one that might have been brewing longer than you may realize. 

Take Steps to Prevent Clogs 

You’ve likely experienced at least one clogged sink or toilet in your life, which means you know how much of a nuisance they can be. Keep that frustration at bay by paying close attention to what you put down the sink or toilet. This means keeping as much hair as possible out of the shower and bathtub drain and not putting huge scraps of food down your garbage disposal. Drain screens and scraping plates and bowls into the garbage are both great ways to keep your drains fully flowing. 

Resolve Issues As Soon As They Appear 

Life can get a little hectic sometimes, which means you might not have as much time as you need to resolve plumbing issues. The problem with putting off plumbing issues is doing so can lead to even more complications. The extra moisture created by leaks can cause premature wear and tear on your sink fixtures. There’s also the possibility of mold and mildew breaking out in your home because of the buildup of moisture. Do yourself a favor and take action on plumbing problems ASAP. 

Lower Your Water Pressure 

You read that correctly: it’s a good idea to lower your home’s water pressure. You can either have a professional plumber measure your water pressure or buy a hose bib gauge. You want your pressure to fall anywhere between 40 and 85 psi. If it’s higher, there’s a good chance you’re putting more pressure on your pipes than absolutely necessary, which can reduce the life of your pipes and cause you to need new ones sooner than necessary. One thing to bear in mind is the fact that buying low-flow fixtures doesn’t change your pressure, it only changes how much water is pouring out from the faucet or showerhead. 

Know Where to Go and What You Need 

Before disaster strikes, find out where your main shut-off valve is and how to shut it off. Such knowledge combined with quick action can go a long way in saving your home, saving you money and saving your plumbing system. Additionally, you should have all the tools you need to shut off the valve within easy reach so you don’t waste time scrambling to find them. 

Don’t Forget Your Sewer Lines or Septic Tank 

Every few years you’ll want to call a professional plumber to snake your main sewage cleanout if you have municipal sewers, which is ideal for getting rid of any tree roots that might have found their way into your pipes. If it’s a septic system you have, schedule a tank pump cleaning every few years. 

While taking care of your plumbing system might not be the most exciting thing you can do in life, it’s certainly one of the wisest. Your efforts are sure to pay off in ways you might not realize, but you’re sure to see in your bank account and in the overall functionality of your home.

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  1. All these are awesome tips and a good reminder. Plumbing is something you take for granted until something goes wrong! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great tips for how to keep your pluming flowing! I have had my share of extreme plumbing issues in all of the rentals that I have stayed in in my life! It is definitely not a fun issue to deal with at all.

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