Make More Money at Work This Year

Make More Money at Work This Year

If you want to bring in more money, you don’t necessarily have to get a new job or even take on a side-gig – although they are both undoubtedly good ways to boost your income if you’re so inclined – all you need to do is find a way to build wealth doing the job you love. Here are a few simple strategies that could help you to do exactly that:

Just Ask for a Raise

It’s so simple, but so many employees don’t even think about or are too scared to, simply ask their boss for a raise. However, there is nothing to stop you from doing so, and if you’re a hard worker who truly does add value to your company, then you just might be successful. So, if you feel like you deserve a raise, don’t be afraid to broach the subject even when it isn’t performance review time. Just be sure to be polite and make your case well!

Increase Your Education Level

It’s not always so, but quite often, the more qualifications you have, the higher a salary you can command. So, simply by enrolling on one of the many online certificate programs that are relevant to your work and increase your value in the skills market, you could end the year with a much bigger wage than the one you started it with. If not, at least you’ll have the skills to look elsewhere.

Become a Consultant

If you’re a highly valued employee and you work in an industry where your skills are much in demand, you might have some success by quitting your job and coming back as a consultant. If you can do this, then effectively, you will be doing the same job, but you’ll be able to charge significantly more for your time than you’re getting now. I must stress, this is only likely to work in highly-specialized industries experiencing shortages of people with your skill set, but it is most definitely worth exploring.

Build Better Relationships

In pretty much any industry, the more people you know in and outside of your own department the better. The people you build strong relationships with, perhaps by helping them out with a problem or simply chatting to them and making them laugh at the water cooler, will become your biggest backers when there’s a promotion coming up or pay is being reviewed. The better your reputation and the more people who are familiar with you, the more money you are likely to bring in in the future without leaving your current company.

Be the Indispensable One

If you can pitch yourself as being indispensable by always getting to work on time, being trustworthy, going the extra mile when needed and quite simply just being good at your job, then chances are people will want to work with you and your superiors won’t want to lose you. If you then express an interest in following the money, it could be enough to encourage them to give you a raise.

I hope this helps you to make more money at work this year so that you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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