Make Your Home Feel Festive – Without Spending a Fortune

Make Your Home Feel Festive Without Spending a Fortune

During the festive season, our homes are more on display than ever. From hosting Christmas get-togethers for family and friends to the big day itself, we want our homes to feel warm, welcoming and cosy. But with all the presents, decorations and food and drink to buy, sometimes making our décor feel ready for the season feels a little out of reach at a time of many extra costs. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your home feel ready without spending a fortune though. Read on for some ideas…

Focus on Little Touches

christmas rugs

One mistake often made is thinking that we have to glitter and adorn every single surface in our homes, but a few smaller touches can be just as impactful. Investing in some gorgeous home accessories that match in with your existing scheme but give a nod to the time of year is a great touch. A festively-patterned tablecloth, or beautiful custom made rugs with some Christmas colour can create a lot of impact. A few cushions or a simple display of candles and baubles in a glass bell jar can make a big difference.

Think Sensory To Set A Mood

National Tree Company Pine Cone Candle Centerpiece

It’s not just the visual elements that can add that holiday feel to your home – think about the beautiful scent scape you can create. There are so many festive scented candles available – from warm cinnamon wafts to bracing icy pine forests – whatever puts you in the Christmas mood, you can recreate. The inviting glow of candles is festive in itself and brings a feeling of hygge to the house.

Play With Table Decorations

Gingerbread Man Christmas Tablescapes
Courtesy of The Welcomed Guest

Eating is a big part of the celebrations, so make your table a natural focal point for the day.

Decorations can be ultra-simple – from winter foliage wrapped around some tea lights to gauzy bows you can add to your dining chairs. Creating the wow factor needn’t cost a lot. Bake gingerbread men to use as place settings, iced individually to reflect your guest or place little jars of plum chutney at each place as a little favour for your guest – anything personal will create the sense of celebration you seek.

Get Crafty

Gilded Glitter Pears with Martha Stewart Crafts
Gilded Glitter Pears with Martha Stewart Crafts

There are lots of festive crafting projects you can plan leading up to the day that will not only provide decoration but be a project to bring the family together. From paper crafts to create snowflake chains and pom-pom lanterns to hang from the ceiling to dusting fruit with edible glitter, there lots of little touches that can set the seasonal tone.

Create a Cocktail

Candy Cane Cocktail by Sassaby
Get the recipe here

Creating a special Christmas tipple is a lovely way to welcome guests through the door and creates an instant feeling of relaxation and occasion. Use prosecco, elderflower liqueur and candy canes in sugar-rimmed glasses to make a statement fizz or jazz up a spiced apple rum or mulled wine recipe with slices of orange, pomegranate seeds and a cinnamon stick garnish.  There’s no limit to the Christmas creations you can make with a little bit of imagination, and your guests are sure to feel the festive spirit in a sip or two!

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