Make Your Home More Safe and Secure With These Tips

Everyone should feel safe and secure in their own home. This is just a basic requirement for your mental well-being. Unfortunately, break-ins happen more regularly than we like to think, around 2.5 million a year in the US alone. So, it’s never been more critical to protect your home, its contents, and your loved ones. Home Insurance may protect you from potential financial loss, and it is a must-have for all homeowners. Still, it does not help with the emotional and psychological stress that you, or your family, may suffer from due to a break-in. So, if you are a homeowner or a renter, it is important that you set up a few security measures to protect your home and give you that much-needed peace of mind. Here are a few home security ideas to keep in mind:

Install an Alarm System

Most burglars are savvy enough to check out a property to see if there is a working alarm system before breaking in. If they discover one, many of these will look for an easier target. This means that an Alarm System has an awful lot of protection power. Security companies offer 24/7 protection 365 days a year, so when you go on that summer vacation, you will feel safe in the knowledge that someone is protecting your home. For the financially minded, home security systems can reduce home insurance premiums. Also, many burglaries in an area can potentially affect the value of a property, so it is wise to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Once you have the system in place, ensure that you get into the habit of setting the alarm. Do it each evening before you go to bed and every time you leave the house. Despite what most people think, most break-ins happen during the day, so it is essential you set it when you got to the grocery store. Perhaps you could leave yourself a note or set a recurring alarm on your phone to remind you to set the house alarm if you find remembering to do this an issue. 

Set up Security Cameras

Setting up security cameras is a great way to deter burglars. Not only that, video footage is a great way to help take burglars off the street. A burglar may break in next door, but you have some footage on your system. If you haven’t got cameras as part of an alarm system, perhaps it is a good idea to set up your own DIY security camera operation. Depending on your requirements, you can easily purchase low-cost cameras with features such as motion detection, night-vision, water-proof casing, wi-fi, mobile apps linking, and cloud storage. It is wise to set up a camera on your front door, as many would-be intruders simply come in that way. Other areas of weakness include the garage and the basement. If you are on a pretty tight budget and a real camera is out of the question financially, but you still want more peace of mind, you could set up a dummy camera. Just be sure that the dummy you are buying is actually cheaper than the real thing and does not look obviously fake.

Security Lights

Installing motion detection lighting in your front and back yard is a great way to deter that would-be criminal. They do a great job of alerting you or your neighbors that there is unusual activity going on outside. It takes away the cover of darkness for the criminal, which is usually enough to send them packing. Don’t; forget to think about any paths you may have or out-houses. These need protection too. Also, if you are away, perhaps setting up an internal smart lighting system. This means that your lights are switch on and off at a time programmed by you on an automated system. This sort of lighting makes it appear as if someone is home, and many criminals will simply think it is not worth the risk.

Think About Your Door Security 

It may seem obvious, but many burglaries happen because the front or back doors are not adequately secure. If your door is particularly weak, it may be worth your while investing in a brand new, reinforced one. Alternatively, you could update the locks to more secure ones. There may also be scope for you to install bars to the door frame or even setting up a metal enclosure. This will help stop your doors from being forced open. A better and more secure door may also decrease your insurance premiums too.

Add Window Security Measures

Many break-ins occur because a ground-floor or first-floor window has been forced open. This makes it vital you secure the windows. There are various ways to secure the windows including, adding locks to them, installing retractable grills or shutters. Some people even have bars added to the windows. You could replace the glass with hammer-proof glass too. When it comes to windows, and doors for that matter, ensure that the woodwork is not rotten around them. This is a vulnerability that can be taken advantage of. Perhaps, you could replace wood frames with plastic ones, which can ensure the wet weather. Again, adding security measures around windows can helo with the cost of your insurance. 

 Avoid Large DIY Projects

Many people like to think that they are a DIY expert, but the truth is that by installing your own windows and doors, for example, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to burglary. Professionals exist for a reason. They ensure that a job is done to the best possible standard. Also, having security measures such as door installed professionally, as opposed to below-par self-done installations, will not affect your insurance pay-out should you need to use it.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Don’t keep any diamond rings, etc, on a table or dresser in full view of anyone peering through windows. This is a severe temptation to those opportunist thieves. Having blinds or curtains preventing people from seeing in is a no-brainer. Also, perhaps it may be for the best to keep all the high-value goods you can under lock and key. This goes for car keys or yacht keys, for example. Some of you may find it useful to keep an inventory of all the valuables, so you can make sure that nothing is missing. 

Invest in a Safe 

Getting a locksmith around to install a safe hidden out of view is a great way to ensure your valuable items stay with you. As well as hiding away that precious jewelry, it is probably a good idea to keep the car’s spare keys in here too. Things to think about when buying a safe include ensuring it is fire and water-resistant, and you want to make sure it is either too heavy or attached to a wall in some way so that a burglar can’t take it with them and open it elsewhere.

Other Things to Consider

If you haven’t done already, ensure that your wi-fi system is locked down. If not, burglars could potentially hack in and view your camera information, as well as financial and personal data too. For some people, getting a guard dog or a yapping dog is a great deterrent. Some of you may want Expandable Batons. Think about things such as social media. It is never a good idea to go advertising the fact you are going on a vacation to the world. Keeping a low profile online is a must for crime prevention. Also, if you do install security measures, make it part of your weekly or monthly routine to check that they are still all in good working order.

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