Make Your Kitchen Look More High Spec – on a Budget!

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house – not only from a valuation perspective but because it’s such a well-used room. From cooking family dinners to preparing kids lunches to entertaining, it’s a space that as a homeowner you want to be right from both a decor and practical point of view. However kitchens are expensive, and very few of us are in a position where we can rip out what we currently have and start again from scratch, However, even if your current setup is very outdated, there are ways to modernize it without breaking the bank and make it a more practical and beautiful space. Here are some ideas!

Make Your Kitchen Look More High Spec- on a Budget

Paint the tiles

New tiles can really set you back as they don’t come cheap, but a quick fix and easy way to freshen them up is to paint them. Be sure to do the prep work here for the best result, it generally just means giving them a thorough clean. If you go with plain, clean white on the tiles and grout this will bring a fresh look to your kitchen and is a look that won’t go out of date in a few years. Even patterned or dark colored tiles will be able to be covered with tile paint if your retro tiles are bringing down the overall look this is a great way to bring your kitchen up to scratch.

Paint the walls

Over time, kitchen walls can become casualties to spills and splashes, grease marks, steam and more. A quick coat of paint to refresh really can make a world of difference, and this step alone can be enough to bring your kitchen up-to-date. Choose a light, neutral color to make the most of the space. Paint ceilings, doors and other woodwork such as door frames and skirting boards in a brilliant white to really freshen up the look of the room.

Lay some vinyl flooring

Ceramic or stone tiles look fantastic and can last for many years, but if yours have been down for a while they might be looking chipped, cracked or just outdated. If you don’t have the funds to have the whole lot ripped out and redone, an easy fix is to lay down some vinyl flooring. This actually feels warmer underfoot, and it’s still practical and easy to clean. You can get it in lots of different colors and patterns so it’s an easy way to completely transform the look of the room without spending much. Usually, a thin sheet of the underlayer is needed underneath then it can be fitted right on top.

Replace the cupboard doors

Since kitchens are standard sizes, it means you can easily replace the cupboard fronts and drawers. By doing this it looks as if you have a whole new kitchen but at a fraction of the cost, you can completely switch up the color, type of wood and overall look of the kitchen. Screwing new doors onto the hinges is a simple job that just about anyone can do, no need for sawing anything down, drilling or any skill needed. Spend some time choosing nice handles, they don’t need to be expensive but if you pick well these will give a much more high-end finish.

Think about lighting

One way you can make your kitchen look more high spec is with the use of lighting. Something as simple as installing a dimmable LED rope light under cupboards and along skirting boards can make all the difference. Switching up your overhead light fitting is something you could consider too. If it’s old fashioned again it will be bringing down the look- you can find modern light fittings that don’t cost much from places like eBay and Amazon and it’s just a case of swapping them over.

Buy a new tap

One way you can make an old or inexpensive kitchen look much more modern and expensive is simply by switching out the tap. You don’t even need a brand new kitchen sink if yours is still in reasonable condition then just go with a new tap. These can be expensive but shop the sales and again look at budget sites like eBay and Amazon for bargains. It’s a job anyone who has moderate DIY skills can do, but if not it’s something a plumber can do in just an hour or two and is well worth the cost for the difference it can make to your kitchen. It’s these kinds of finishes that people will take in when looking at the kitchen overall, a shiny new tap with matching metal handles and other fixtures will tie together to create a far more modern look.

Purchase second-hand appliances

Things like your microwave, toaster, and kettle are out on display all the time. Your washing machine, fridge, and cooker are also permanent fixtures, and very old pieces can definitely make your kitchen look older. Since these are expensive to buy, if you’re on a budget your best bet is to look for second hand. You can often get new looking appliances for free or a fraction of what they would cost to buy when people are upgrading or moving house. Check Craigslist and Facebook groups and see what’s available. With a good clean down, you could snag an appliance that looks new and modern and it’s a cheap way to update what you have.

Invest in new accessories

Finally, it’s the finishing touches that will bring the kitchen to life and give it personality and style. New blinds or curtains, tea towels, crockery, a tablecloth, clock, and decorative bits and pieces will bring everything together. If your current pieces are worn out or outdated then this is one way to bring it up to date. These things needn’t be expensive, again check out sales and bargain homeware shops. Supermarkets often have these things very cheap in their homeware department, and plus these are fun things to buy too.

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