Making 2022 The Year for You with Pen Heaven

I have always loved journaling since I was a young girl. It is an amazing way to practice and cultivate some self-love within and to give back to yourself. The online gift emporium, Pen Heaven, makes it super simple for you to do with beautiful writing instruments and fabulous journals to choose from.

While I originally planned to publish this article at the beginning of the year, it is never too late to start journaling. With spring right around the corner and Easter a time of re-birth and celebration, I’m encouraging writers of all ages to take up journaling for their emotional and mental wellbeing. As I said, it has helped me tremendously over the past 40+ years.

Journaling for just a few minutes a day is a proven technique to help quiet the mind and align your thoughts. It can also help boost your energy and improve your mood. In addition, handwriting can decrease stress levels, reduce anxiety and help you sleep better!

Pen Heaven offers these top tips to ensure you get the very best from your new daily journaling routine.

  1. Pour your heart out, not just your mind, to help your words hold more substance.
  2. Completely immerse yourself in your writing – that means taking yourself away from any distractions, such as your phone, tablet, internet, etc.
  3. Give your writing full freedom without restriction, this is your safe place after all.
  4. Relax, calm your mind, then collect your thoughts on paper.
  5. Forgive, forget, and let it go – that includes your own mistakes, as well as those of others.
  6. Practice gratitude to help your mindset shift.
  7. Indulge your dreams.

Parker Vector XL Lilac Fountain Pen

I absolutely love, love, love this pen. It fits perfectly in my hand, and it is strangely calming to hear the scratch scratch as I am writing with it. Mine is actually engraved with I Belong to Kimberly so there is never any doubt as to who this beautiful pen belongs!

Not only is the lilac shade soothing, did you know that writing by hand reduces anxiety and stress? So the next time you are feeling stressed and anxious, grab your fountain pen and start creating a list, writing in your journal, whatever you need to WRITE to help you return to a calm state.

Palmi Large Grained Leather Journal

This journal is beautiful both inside and out. Your choice of unlined or lined paper, and an additional fee for embossing, it comes in an array of colors. I love the texture of the paper and how the ink from my fountain pen settles onto the pages.

With Easter right around the corner, a beautiful pen and journal would be a great addition to a friend or family member’s Easter basket. There are so many items to choose from at Pen Heaven, we are positive you will find something for everyone on your list – from teens to adults! Stop by and check out their website and tell them Kim from Life in a House sent you!

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