Making a Move With Kids: 5 Tips to Channel Their Energy Into Helping Hands

I have done my fair share of moving in my lifetime – with and without children. Quite frankly, making a move without children is most favorable; however, in the event that is not an option, here are some tips on getting those busy little bees to help out!

If we’re being honest we can all admit that moving is a chore, and making a move with kids is not for the faint of heart. However, with a little direction, you can show your kids how to help with the move, and channel their high energy levels to be helpful, not distracting. Follow these tips to be well on your way to a less exhausting move. 

Give Them Specific Tasks

Children, like adults, do well when they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. In order to keep your kids excited about helping, tell them exactly what you expect from them and about how long it should take. Promising some kind of reward, such as pizza, at the end of the day for a job well done doesn’t hurt, either. 

Make It A Game!

Kids respond well to fun, so make the moving process fun for them. See how quickly they can pack up certain drawers (Tupperware is a great place to start). Make sure to cheer them on as they go. Making packing a game will help ensure a good attitude, even if the productivity level isn’t through the roof, they are still helping. 

Do the Easy Stuff First

Tell the kids that it’s their responsibility to decide what stays and goes, and do the easy stuff first. Set out a keep and don’t keep box, and tell them to pick 5 things to go in each. The stuff you know you want to keep is easy to identify, as is the stuff you know you can do without. Focus on this, letting the kids choose. After they have identified some items they can do without, don’t give them a chance to change their minds! Add it to your donate or throw away pile immediately. The stuff you’re keeping, but don’t use often can easily be packed away in self storage units.

Ask Them to Choose Toys to Donate Daily

It is best to go through the above “game” daily. Each day, ask them to identify a certain number of things that they know they want to keep and a certain number that they are OK with getting rid of. It will get harder to accomplish, and at this point it’s a good plan to just pack the rest of it. 

Keep In Mind What They Are Capable of Doing

Moving is difficult for all involved, but especially for kids who often feel like they have no say in the process. Love on them more than usual to help the feel secure and grounded, in spite of the changes coming.

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