Making Online Safe for the Family

The pandemic has encouraged families to rely on digital technologies for remote work and homeschooling needs. Therefore, many parents have become aware of the impact of digital on their lifestyle, and more importantly, on health decisions. Screen time, for instance, has grown exponentially and affected sleep quality. Indeed, too much screen time before bedtime can make it hard for both parents and children to have a restful night’s sleep. Your family health is important, so it’s helpful to help everyone stay healthy when using digital technologies. 

The next necessary step about the online world is to consider its impact on the safety of your family. As we rely more and more on digital tools, it is unfair to expect children not to use the Internet in the same way as adults. They need to relax, catch up with friends, and learn online as much as we do. So it’s crucial to consider kid-friendly solutions that work for everyone. 

Play Games Together

Who has never played Candy Crush, League of Legends, or Fortnight Battle Royale? If parents enjoy playing online games, it’s hard to ban children from doing the same. However, you can create a safe and controlled environment to ensure they don’t come across suspicious strangers or unsuitable content. A platform such as PlayEdge, for instance, is a great choice as you can pick a category of suitable games for young children. Similarly, if you want to play together, you can set up a private Minecraft server for you and the kids to explore. There’s even a creative mode that lets you build a new world together.  

Controlled Online Chats

WhatsApp is one of the favorite chatting platforms for adults. But it can be unsafe for young children to use. Yet, you can introduce your kids and relatives to safe apps that enable them to engage online. As more and more young children use mobile or tablets as part of their everyday routine, it can be a great way to let them reach out to loved ones. They could share messages or photos with friends and relatives via a secure online chat. 

Challenge the Family at Once

Video calls have grown in popularity during the pandemic. For young children, technology is exciting. They may be keen to use video calls to talk to relatives or friends. You can also encourage them to use video calls when it wouldn’t be safe to meet face-to-face. It’s a twist on digital safety, as it’s a situation in which the digital sphere is safer than IRL. But families that are concerned about the pandemic, for instance, can arrange online meet-ups with friends or even set up online quizzes and escape room adventures to challenge everyone! 

Essential Tech Considerations

When you use digital technology every day, it makes sense to create a safe and unbreakable network inside your home. The addition of a VPN can not only keep hackers at bay, but it can also protect the privacy of your family. You don’t have to worry anymore about strangers crashing your Zoom party or watching your kids via the webcam. 

Online safety is a complex topic, but it needs to be tackled early. Digital experiences are snowballing. It doesn’t make sense to ban your child from experimenting with the tech potential. Therefore, you want to look for kid-friendly alternatives, from online gaming to video calls. 

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