Making Your Life Easier When You HATE Spiders

The thought of eight-legged arachnids crawling inside your home is enough to give everyone nightmares. It’s hard to know exactly why most of us find spiders terrifying, but they have been part of human fears for generations. You’d be surprised to know that even our ancestors used to think spiders are fearsome creatures. Perhaps, our dislike of them is linked to the myths of previous civilizations.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter why you hate spiders. What matters is how to run a spider-free household. Ultimately, most spiders that come to your home are harmless. They need shelter, either from the weather or from other predators. With this information in mind, you can set up to make spiders unwelcome inside your home. 

Don’t let them settle in

There’s no indication that spiders prefer dusty environments. However, keeping your house clean and tidy can avoid many unwanted intrusions. If you get into the habit of cleaning as you go, you make it hard for insects and spiders to settle comfortably. It takes only a few minutes to vacuum inside the lounge, for instance. But if you do it after shutting the windows, you can make sure that any creature that seized the opportunity to invade can be removed on the spot. You can also invest in a robot vacuum that can do all the hard work for you, and suck those pesky spiders away!

Oh My God, it’s an invasion

How many spiders are too many? Here’s a scary fact for you: A single house spider can deposit over 200 eggs in its egg sac. The same spider can lay up to 9 such egg sacs… So, if the eggs are left undisturbed, you may find yourself with hundreds of spiders at home. It is a terrifying thought! More often than not, you might find yourself cleaning those egg parcels away safely. But, if they are out of sight, you may need to get in touch with professional pest control services to remove the unwanted guests. While the typical cobweb spider is harmless to human beings, it doesn’t make the presence of hundreds of them enjoyable! 

Spider-proof the place

There are a few things you can add to your home that will successfully deter eight-legged visitors. Citrus peels, for instance, are unpleasant smells to spiders. You can rub lemon peels along window and door frames to discourage them from coming in. You can also combine with diluted peppermint oil for the best results. Spray the concoction everywhere usually spiders nest: 

  • Low ceilings
  • Staircases
  • Window frames
  • On the outside of the car (even if it’s parked inside the garage)
  • Shelves in the basement and the attic
  • Etc. 

Give them a cozy spider home OUTSIDE

Spiders are good for wildlife, and they are a predator you want in your garden. They can get rid of small insects that can eat your plants! So, perhaps, in an effort to make peace with arachnids, you can help them settle inside your garden. Adding DIY sheltered areas outside will discourage them from coming indoor for protection!

when you hate spiders

Don’t like spiders? Nobody else does! But you don’t have to use toxic products to get rid of them! Simple cleaning and DIY solutions can keep them at bay. If nothing else works, experts can help you make your home spider-free. The bottom line: The eight-legged creature can be controlled so there’s no need to panic. 

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