Making Your Waist Appear Smaller: Tips and Tricks to Look Your Best

Being of “a certain age” means that I am dealing with a few imperfections here and there. While I love my body shape and who I am, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when I want to look my absolute best. A smaller waist is something that many of us aspire to and work towards. These tips and tricks are here to help us achieve just the look!

Purchase a Shapewear Shirt

There’s nothing fancy about this piece of apparel, but you can layer over the top of it to dress it up. For example, put on your shapewear shirt and then add a cute jacket to go with it. The benefit of wearing such a top is that it pulls your stomach, waist and arms in, to create the illusion of slimness.

Put on Bike Shorts

Go for a bike short with a high waist; it will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. This is particularly true if your stomach pooches out; the bike short will help to hide this fullness and allow you to wear a variety of tops. Skinny Britches is a great product (it is made by Spanx), but you can also look into shorts made by Wacoal and TC as well. However, make sure you get the kind that go above the waist so that you keep your stomach nicely tucked in. Bike shorts can be worn under dresses and jeans as well.

Wear Dark Clothing

Black is slimming and a main staple of my wardrobe. However, you don’t want to only wear one color; it is boring, and black doesn’t exactly make you pop. Instead, find clothing with dark paneling on the sides. It will help you to look smaller than you really are. In addition, try adding a black sheath to your outfit. It doesn’t even have to have sleeves. Simply slip on a brightly colored cardigan and add a belt to complete the look. You will be impressed with the way you look in such an outfit.

Buy a Good Bra

Particularly if you haven’t purchased one for a while, it is important to buy a new bra. When you push up your chest appropriately, your waist looks smaller. The goal is to make your torso look as long as possible, and that is where the bra comes in handy. A lot of women do not have the right size bra; they choose a cup size that is too small so they do not get as much lift. Also, remember that bras do wear out over time. You may think you still have life left in yours, but you need to be realistic. The elasticity eventually doesn’t work as well, so it is important to get something new after a while.

Waist Trainer

Waist trainers have come back into fashion, simply because they work. Waist trainers make it easier to achieve timely results, ensure your back stays straight and can provide an instant hour glass figure. The best waist trainer will be made from quality materials and will take inches off.

Find an Empire Top

Empire tops do great things for your waistline. If you are not happy with your stomach, they can hide your silhouette, so you can’t tell what you have going on under your shirt. However, you don’t want the shirt to be too flowy, or you may wind up looking bigger than you really are.

Wear a Belt

You can create the illusion of a little waist with your belt. Just put the belt up higher than you would normally wear it. It should be under the bra; that is usually the smallest area of your body. However, make sure that you don’t pick a very thick belt, because you don’t want it to brush up against your chest! Not a very attractive option!

What are some tips you can share about how to make your waist appear smaller and accentuate other areas of your body? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks So Much for Sharing These Awesome Tips for Making Your Waist Look Smaller, I Really Appreciate it! I Have Never Struggled With My Weight Until About a Few Years Ago When I Developed Hypothyroidism and Now I Have a Hard Time Shedding the Extra Lbs! I’m Always Buying Black or Dark Clothes b/c I Don’t Want to Draw Attention to My Weight! I Also Like to Wear Wide Belts Which Help to Make My Waist Look Smaller! Well Thanks Again for Sharing These Awesome Tips, I Really Do Appreciate it! Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

  2. These are some great suggestions. I really need to give some of these a try. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I think that having a good fitting bra is really important. I was amazed by how much different bras fit when I go to a bra shop that does fittings. Best way to find something built for your bodytype

  4. Thank you for ur tips. I’m a big fan of dark clothes. I’m only 4-11 so belts dnt really help.most importantly gotta keep the girls up where they belong so I look like I have a waist

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