Malia Laine Wine Accessories Review

Disclosure: I received two products free of charge for purposes of this review from Malia Laine Wine Accessories. I received no compensation for this publication. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own or those stated in this post.

I remember my very first taste of wine was when I was about 19 or 20. A very dry, red wine that was NOT to my liking. Not knowing any better, I thought that ALL wine tasted like that – and steered well clear of it. I would drink the occasional wine cooler but that was the extent of my wine tasting till about a year ago. A dear friend and neighbor of mine, Tonya B., introduced me to what a ‘good’ wine really is. Since then – there has been no stopping me from trying many different wines – although I still tend to steer clear of the red wines and stick with the white or the pinks – my favorite being a Moscato wine.

Whose Wine Glass Is This?

Naturally, a good glass of wine must be enjoyed in a beautiful crystal glass at all times, right? This year, Ms. Tonya presented me with a Birthday Queen wine glass for my 47th birthday and it is my go-to wine glass above all others. Before then, however, we were using my two little wine glasses that were exactly the same. When we would sit them down next to each other to giggle over something on television or on our telephones, we’d have to think about whose glass was whose since they were identical. I wish I’d known about Malia Laine then!

Malia Laine Wine Glass Charms
Malia Laine Wine Glass Charms

Julia Wiener, owner of Malia Laine, sent me these absolutely adorable little doggie wine glass charms because she knows my little Mollyanna is glued to my hip (unless Dad is home – then I’m chopped liver) and she thought I would enjoy these – and I do! They are absolutely adorable and make distinguishing wine glasses so easy! My favorite, and on my wine glass at this very moment, is the fetch me my wine charm in the middle of the top row. Malia Laine has a cute assortment of Wine Glass Charms to please everyone!

Giving a Gift of Wine

Have you ever attempted to wrap a wine bottle for Christmas or as a birthday gift? Without a bag of some sort, its pretty impossible to use tissue paper and ribbon to make a pretty presentation. Have you ever attempted to navigate a set of slippery stairs with a covered dish in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other and ended up losing the bottle on the way to your hostess’ front door? Malia Laine can take care of that little issue for you as well!

Malia Laine Wine Totes and Purses
Malia Laine Wine Totes and Purses

Malia Laine has a beautiful selection of wine totes and purses (you’ve got to check out the gold glitter wine purse!) and I received this whimsical Urban Garden Jute Bottle Bag to review. I love that this bag is made from recycled materials (Go Green!) and it has plenty of room for a large bottle of wine, and cutout handles to make carrying that bottle of wine to your hostess and a covered dish a piece of cake! Another personal favorite – the Wine Bottle Coozies! I totally love the Boozie Floozie’s Coozie! Adorable!

Malia Laine Wine Accessories Boutique

About Malia Laine and Julia Wiener

Julia had the question posed to her, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” by Sheryl Sandberg, one of the Top 100 Influential People according to Time Magazine in 2012. Julia had always wanted to open her own business, but was afraid to take that step, that ‘first jump’ as Steve Harvey calls it and just do it. After hearing Sheryl speak; however, she had the confidence to go forward with her dreams and Malia Laine was born!

That’s one thing I truly love. Women who have a dream, like Julia, that take that first jump and soar headlong into their dreams. I am slowly approaching that stage, where I am going to take my first jump. Who knows, y’all might find me and Julia on Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People in a few years!

Be the Guest Your Host and Hostess Will Love to Invite

What gets you invited to awesome parties? Your gifts to the host and hostess naturally! Be that awesome guest and bring your host and hostess a wine accessory gift from the Malia Laine Wine Accessories Boutique! They seriously have something for everyone, below is just a sampling of the categories available to peruse:

  • Bottle Stoppers and Openers
  • Picnic Accessories
  • Wine Racks
  • Cork Containers
  • Wooden Signs
  • Beverage Napkins
  • Monogrammed Gifts
  • Gifts for Bachelorettes, Weddings, Wedding Favors
  • Gifts for Birthdays, Ladies, Men, Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers, Wine Connoisseurs
  • Wine Games
  • Wine Glasses, Decanters and MORE!

Stop by Malia Laine Wine Accessories Boutique today to plan your next event. You won’t go wrong with a gift from Malia Laine! Find Julia and Malia Laine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You can also check out the Malia Laine Blog for some great event photos, tips and info on our favorite nectar of the Gods!


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  1. never heard of this company who would have thought you could have so many products for wine?

  2. Great review. I've never heard of the company before. I sure could find some use in some of their products. Thanks again for this review!!

  3. It’s amazing the sheer number of different accessories they have on their website. I like the Wrench Bottle Stopper probably because I like tools and gadgets.

  4. Thanks for the post!! I didn’t know things like this existed. They make the gifts soo much cuter and I am excited to give these a try!

  5. These win accessories are great. They make super presents and wonderful things to brighten up any party. I like that you have so many things to choose from. Gifts for the serious and for the fun loving person.

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    Taste of Purrfection Hand-Decorated Wine Glass, maybe I’d buy a set of four! Ever so cute.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this review and the variety of wine accessories they offer are so cute.

  8. I love that they have a large selection of Monogrammed Gifts and Gifts for Bachelorettes, Weddings, and even Wedding Favors

  9. What an excellent review! I always have the same problems: figuring out whose wine glass is whose and also carrying a covered dish AND a bottle of wine to an event and hoping to juggle it all. I'm that you can relate. Thank you Kim for another awesome blog post!

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