Managing Home Life During a Quarantine with Kids

Our homes are a blessing, a haven if you will to the outside world. A place we can be proud of, relax after a hard day’s work and do the stuff we like to do. It is our nature to get bored when we do the same things again and again. Our minds work more efficiently and perk up whenever we veer away from our daily routine or go for an impromptu outing somewhere.

The fear of spending even more weeks stuck at home during a second wave quarantine might scare you (it does me!) but we need to do so in order to protect our lives and the lives of others should it become necessary. Here are a few things you can do to help keep you from getting bored at home.

Set a Stable Home Routine

During normal times, our days mostly revolve around school, work, sports activities and other community events. While we are far from normal at the moment, there are a few things you can do to establish a routine of sorts for yourself and your children.

Wake up and go to bed at appropriate times to ensure that your children, and you, are getting the adequate rest you need each day. Don’t set overly ambitious goals because it is more than likely you will not be able to complete all of the items you think you can!

Set a guide for your children to establish a routine for studying, classes, art projects, meals, and most importantly – recess!

If you have younger children who are having a difficult time with their afternoon naps, make the afternoon a resting time for everybody in the house. If everyone is doing the same task, it makes it easier, and teach them about the importance rest has on their physical and mental health.

If you noticed that your children doesn’t sleep at all during whole day than announce that afternoon will be the resting time and everybody in the house has to follow that. Aware them the importance of rest for their physical and mental health.

Make Time for Outings

While you may have to shelter in place and limit your exposure to large crowds, that doesn’t mean you cannot go outside for some fresh air and a road trip!

There is always time to stop by the local park and feed the ducks, or to watch the ships float down the river and speculate on where they are going and what they are carrying. Just remember to wear your face masks and keep a 6 foot distance from other families doing the same.

I personally was not a fan of dragging my children to the grocery store when they were younger, but curbside pickup makes shopping less of a hassle! Stop by and get some local beef at your store, pick up a few essentials for dinner, all while having the kids play a game of car bingo or I spy! I am personally loving the curbside pickup that most businesses now offer!

Tackle a Room Refresh

Having children home gives us a chance to fill their brains with knowledge on how to become eco-friendly, to reduce their carbon footprint on the world, and how to recycle.

One way to do so would be to remove all the the plastic and harmful containers from your home that are not eco-friendly and purge your kitchen space of these items.

A great place to start would be to visit the amazing selection of stainless steel and reusable wine tumblers and water bottles offered by Luxe Hydration. Get the children involved and let them choose their favorite water bottle to purchase so they have a sense of pride in using their bottle every day instead of items that will sit in landfills for years or clog our waterways and harm our ocean life.

It is always best to teach children at a young age that teamwork is how a family works together. Involve them in household activities and chores that need to be done that are age appropriate and can be easily mastered. They will take pride in knowing that they are contributing a valuable asset to the family home.

Wind Down for the Evening

At the end of the day, it’s time to put away the electronics, enjoy some quality family time, and get everyone relaxed and in a position to wind down from the day’s activities to get a good night’s rest.

Now is a great time for you to read some books together or watch a silly movie together while enjoying an after dinner snack.

And moms, once the children are off to bed, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you doing an impersonation of Amy Schumer and breaking out the bubbly which you can grab here –

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