ManBrands.Club ManSocks Review

Out of all three of my children, my youngest son, Tre, is the one that is hands-down my little fashionista. Ever since he was a wee thing and could dress himself, he wanted to match, wanted to make sure that nothing he wore clashed, and has always had discerning taste. Take a look at the clothing and shoes on his Amazon Wish List for Christmas and there isn’t a single item under $100 except for the PC games. 

When it came time for us to do our annual trek to the mall for back-to-school shopping, Tre was absolutely adamant on what he wanted, especially when it came to his socks. They had to be colorful, comfortable, and make a statement. No boring plain white, black, brown, or blue socks for this little fashionista!

So you can imagine his complete, unadulterated JOY when I had the opportunity to review a brand new line of men’s apparel from ManBrands.Club – their new ManSocks line. I have to agree with him … these truly are some of the coolest and most comfortable socks that I’ve seen in a long time. (I’m literally going to have to tie Tre down to get his socks off him so I can wash them.)

Tre is LOVING his Fleur de Lis ManSocks

About ManBrands.Club

Since ManBrands.Club is in their initial beta phase at the moment, you may not have heard much about them – yet. My honest thoughts and opinions are that this is one company you will definitely want to keep your eye on because with their dedication to comfort, quality, and style, I see them becoming a household name brand before too long!

Ry Russell is the founder of ManBrands.Club. Ry’s vision for ManBrands.Club is to make it an exclusive resource for men and men’s fashion. He believes that everyday men need to keep up a professional look, yet still walk that fine line between being bold and differentiating themselves from the rest of the crowd. One of the first things I look at on a man after their eyes is a glance down to see what type of footwear he has on and to check out the socks. There’s just something so refreshing about seeing a man wearing some bold socks that compliment his outfit yet say something about his sense of humor and sense of self to peek out from under his trousers. To me, it’s almost like getting a small glimpse at who he really is despite outward appearances.

ManBrands.Club ManSocks - Suit Your Feet

ManBrands.Club wants affluent men to be able to convey themselves in a way that will meet the need to differentiate in the boardroom yet refined enough for a jaunt around town. It is one of the reasons why ManBrands.Club choose to introduce the ManSock as its first line of apparel. Socks are a great way to show ones creativity, sophistication and charm. Didn’t I already tell you that?  They don’t believe you need to be the loudest in the room to foster positive attention – at least not verbally. You can make your presence known and stand out from the crowd without ever saying a word with your ManSocks.

ManBrands.Club ManSocks - Activities

I love the different ManSock designs available. You might be in the boardroom, but your feet are showing where you really want to be, hunting, golfing, gambling, or sailing the seas!

ManSocks are really one of the coolest things in foot fashion that this mom has seen. I love that they use spandex instead of elastic around the cuff of the sock. Elastic can make you sweat and irritate your skin or cause you to breakout – something all of my men suffer from with regular socks. They also use top of the line manufacturing styles just like you would see in luxury brand sock production (except they don’t have a little embroidered pony that they are going to charge you $40 per pair of socks for when they should only cost about $20), we’re just saying. Cough, cough. Not to mention the designs on the socks are knitted, not printed

I love the array of holiday socks that they have available – just look at this! Practically every holiday is accounted for. ManSocks are well below the big brand prices – 40% to 60% below their retail prices. That does NOT mean they are cheap – because they most certainly are NOT. They are luxurious, high-quality products, but ManBrands.Club remains focused on their core principles of product, price, and people. 

ManBrands.Club ManSocks - Holidays

Like I said, most definitely a company that you will want to keep your eye on. I cannot wait for the rest of their product lines to be released – Tre is definitely going to be a frequent shopper, I can bet money on that!

Special Deal for #LiaHReaders

Ry has been such a sweetheart, that he’s given us a special discount just for our Life in a House of Testosterone readers. You can get 10% off your entire order when you use promo code LIAH at checkout. Stay tuned for the giveaway coming up soon too!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to ManBrands.Club and pick up some of these luxurious socks for everyone on your gift giving list! They are sure to be a huge hit with the recipients, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to buy a quality product and save some money in your wallet!

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Kim and The Boys at Life in a House of Testosterone



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