Me and My Dog … And My Allergies!

Adopting a dog is a life-changing experience. A dog brings love and companionship into your household. Even families report that their relationships improve after they took a dog. That’s a dog’s superpower. Our furry companions make everything better. They’re happy to see you when you come back from the office in the evening. If you’re a work-from-home professional, your dog will keep you on your toes during the day, reminding you to take regular breaks. 

Yet, there’s something less pleasant that a dog can bring to your household, and that is allergy. Allergies can develop for a variety of reasons, regardless of your age. So you may not have had an allergic reaction at first, but you suddenly find yourself sneezing or waking up with a stuffy nose. Why does this keep happening? 

Here’s a little hint for you: Not all allergic reactions are caused by allergic terrain. Sometimes exposure to potentially disturbing factors can make you more sensitive. Here are a few tips to help you tackle your inexplicable reactions and keep your dog! 

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Dogs shed a LOT

Admittedly, some breeds shed less hair, which makes them a better choice for families where allergies are a known issue. But if you’ve never had a problem before, you may not have considered shedding as a warning factor. Sorry to bring it like this, but dogs do shed a ton of hair and dandruff all the time. They’re not the only creatures to do so. Human beings do it too. The dust in your home is primarily people-made. It’s composed of dead skin cells and hair. So, when you adopt a dog, your house becomes instantly dustier. Ultimately, you have to think that breathing dust is an unpleasant experience. It can tickle inside your sinuses and lead to allergy-like reactions. You want to keep up on top of your cleaning routine. Unfortunately, if you’ve got rugs and carpets, you may want to look for professional carpet cleaners to help get dog’s hair out of carpet fibers. Otherwise, you could be vacuuming for hours without removing the dust that’s stuck deep inside the carpet! 

Do the new responsibilities stress you out?

Is this your first time having a dog? You’ve probably been looking for guidance and help in many books. A lot of first-time owners agree that the responsibility they feel toward their first dog is not dissimilar to how they feel toward their children. Becoming a dog parent can be a stressful journey! And it could expose you to parent’s guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m not doing it right? Heightened stress levels make you more sensitive to inflammations, irritations, and other allergic responses. So, relax. Reach out to your pet and spend some quality time together without worrying about your dog parenting skills! Petting a dog can alleviate stress so it’s a good way to boost your immune system!

Training is key

You need to train your dog to stay off the bed or the sofa when you are away. Otherwise, you could lie down, unknowingly surrounded by dog hair and dandruff. You need to create a controllable environment by creating a dog-free zone. This will also imply creating & dog-friendly zone, where you can keep a bed and their toys!

Wave goodbye to your dog allergies! If allergies are new, you can make them more manageable by controlling your environment, cleaning in-depth, releasing stress levels, and teaching your dog to avoid some areas in the house. 

me and my dog ... and my allergies

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