Mighty Handle Review

I know that there are products that we use every day that we wonder how on earth we ever lived without. The Mighty Handle is one such product!

I had the pleasure of reviewing this awesome little gadget and quite honestly don’t know how on earth anyone can possibly live without it.

I do a weekly grocery shopping trip every Tuesday with a handful of ladies from our apartment complex. Saves on gas for all of us, and its more fun shopping as a group than it is going by yourself.

The only problem is, once we are done, having to carry all of our purchases out to the car and loading them up! With each of us having anywhere from 4 to 7 of our reusable shopping bags (large ones at that), it gets a bit heavy. Not to mention some of the ladies are elderly, and cannot carry heavy items so they have more bags with smaller loads.

What makes Mighty Handle so awesome is the patent-pending handle and anchor design system that distributes the weight evenly – allowing you to carry up to 50 pounds in one hand. Yes, you read that correctly – 50 pounds with ONE hand! Wonder Woman never had it so good!

How is this possible you ask? Well it is because of the balanced weight system of the design that keeps the bags flow going towards the center, so that your contents are not sloshing around and getting damaged. I love the soft cushioned handle. I can carry all of my bags in one hand, and help one of our other ladies out by carrying their bags in the other!

Me with my Mighty Handle!

Two bags, filled to the brim with canned goods, and all I need are my fingertips to hold it!

I would love to be able to provide a Mighty Handle to every resident of our apartment complex – especially those that live on the 3rd floor! I’ve had to drag laundry up and down three flights of steps when our washing machine was being repaired – I can only imagine what it must be like to have to drag groceries every week up and down three flights of stairs with little ones in tow!

It’s not just for grocery toting though!!! You can use Mighty Handle for carrying ANYTHING! Whenever you need an extra pair of hands – grab your Mighty Handle! I’ve had to hide mine from the hubby – he wants to use mine to carry his tool bag around at work all day instead of having that weight slung over his shoulder. I told him he had to get his own … or if he was good, Santa might bring him one for Christmas!!!

Want this amazing invention for yourself or for a friend? You can purchase a Mighty Handle – 2 Pack from Amazon right now for just $9.99! How awesome is that? It is most definitely going to be the best $10.00 that you have spent on anything! These make excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas – especially for that someone who has everything (except the most awesome invention in history EVER!!!)

You can find Mighty Handle on Facebook and Twitter as well. Stop by and tell them that Kim at Life in a House of Testosterone sent you!

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