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I grew up in the 70s when Polaroid instant cameras suddenly were all the rage and everyone just had to have their photos instantly. I remember standing around the campfire with my parents, or on our summer beach vacation when I was about 14, or the many weekends we would spend at Knoebel’s Grove Campground in Pennsylvania. Mom or Dad would take a photo and hand it to my brother or I so we could shake it a few times and watch the picture develop right before our eyes.

I also remember mom sitting at the kitchen table for hours at a time with boxes of photos putting them into order and sorting them by vacation or a particular event. She loved looking back over all the photos that we had taken over the past few months, but I know that she wished there were an easier way to organize them all.

That was many years ago, and now our photos are instant and digital. Many of my friends have hundreds of photos stored on their computers or external drives, waiting for the day when there is time to print them out and put them in photo albums. What if I told you that you could easily create photo collections and sort all of your digital photographs using a service that is available anywhere?


MiMedia is just such a service. You can access MiMedia on any device and store your photos, documents, music, videos – anything you want – right at your fingertips no matter where you may be! In the interest of full disclosure, Life in a House of Testosterone received a 500GB MiMedia plan to facilitate our review of the product to share with our readers. All opinions stated however, as usual, are my own experiences, thoughts and observations.

the personal cloud you have always wanted

MiMedia offers three plans for you – depending on your collections and what you want to store in the cloud and have access to anywhere.

The Starter Plan

  • Enjoy 10GB of service FREE courtesy of MiMedia with instant access to:
  • 2,500 photos
  • 125 videos
  • 2,000 songs
  • 10,000 documents

The Basic Plan

  • Enjoy 500GB of storage to cover your everyday needs from MiMedia
  • 125,000 photos
  • 6,250 videos
  • 100,000 songs
  • 500,000 documents
  • Just $7.99/month or $85 annually

The Plus Plan

  • To infinity and beyond with 1TB of storage from MiMedia
  • 250,000 photos
  • 12,500 videos
  • 200,000 songs
  • 1,000,000 documents
  • $9.99/month or $100 annually

Create Collections with MiMedia

You can organize your photos by the date taken, the date added, or by your favorites. You can create collections, just like photo albums. I have collections set up individually for each kid, one for hubby and I, one for our apartment complex, and one for vacations. I love flipping through the collections for the kids and seeing how much they have changed over the years. MiMedia is the personal cloud that I’ve always wanted. It’s the digital home for all of my photos instead of having them scattered across a variety of different storage spaces and clouds.

Import Photos from Facebook and More

When you start with the desktop application, it finds ALL of your photos, videos, music and documents and uploads them automatically to your cloud for you. In addition, you have one-click import available to add your photos from Facebook, Dropbox, Google+, Picasa, Flickr and more! MiMedia keeps your information safe and secure too! YOU get to select who to share information with and it’s all done privately – and easily – with MiMedia’s MiDrive.

MiDrive Collaboration with Friends and Family

I love the MiDrive because I can collaborate with family and friends and share photos and stories. I just send an invite via email to those that I want to have access and we can chat with each other on all devices (phones, tablets, desktop) and literally create a digital album about our family with everyone contributing.

Visual Photo Display

I love the beautiful, visual display on my phone – seriously. I have a huge account with Dropbox but I can’t stand the little tiny images on my phone when I’m attempting to find a photo that I want. With MiMedia I don’t have that problem. Look for yourself – the left side is the view of my photo album on Dropbox, the right side is the view of the same album on MiMedia.

dropbox versus mimedia

Which images would you rather have on your phone? MiMedia’s larger images of course!

Get Started with Your FREE Account Today

Are you one of those individuals who has digital photos and files stored in a variety of places online too? Well I have a treat for you then! You can get a FREE 10GB account with MiMedia today! Set up your collections and start uploading those photos and your favorite music and videos and important documents that you need to keep safe!

Head on over to MiMedia and sign up today for your FREE 10GB account. Enter promo code TheMotherhood when you sign up to receive special promotions and information on contests as well as exclusive access to try new features coming your way through the opt-in program!

MiMedia Signup

Join us and get your head in the cloud with MiMedia! Stay tuned for a very special giveaway coming from MiMedia and Life in a House of Testosterone!

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