Modern Diet Trends for Healthy Living

There are many diets which are currently known as popular or “en vogue” at the moment, most of which (like many others) simply vanish into “diet heaven,” essentially. There are four trending diets which are becoming mainstream and have already stood the test of time.

The Ketogenic Diet, Alkaline Diet, Paleo Diet and the Mediterranean Diet. These fabulous four are not only just about the chance to lose weight, but they are also well-geared towards a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, to gain health. This is because they are not about a ‘quick fix,’ but when done correctly, they can become a long term way of life.

modern diet trends

The Paleo Diet

Scientists know that millions of years ago before industrialized farming and processed foods, there was just clean, healthy living. This is what the Paleo Diet replicates. Consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and lean meats; it gives a balanced intake of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and all the vitamins and nutrients required on a daily basis. Science has proven this diet helps to reduce allergies, lowers the risk of heart disease and helps with insulin sensitivity in diabetics. With fewer ailments occurring, and combined with mild fitness, it is easy to see why the Paleo Diet is continuing to be so popular, in modern times.

The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has gained a lot of recognition recently, despite the unawareness that it was devised in the 1920s, as a cure for epilepsy in children. It showed remarkable clinical results, with great levels of success. The diet went out of fashion due to new drugs on the market, but it was eventually re-introduced because the results achieved with the diet were much better than the medication. It is also proven that there are other ailments that can be reduced: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancers and heart disease. With low carbohydrate and high protein intake, the body becomes more efficient at burning fuel and fighting disease. It is a great weight loss achiever too.

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet was conceived in 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg, essentially, his findings showed cancer cells could thrive in a body that was in an acidic state. He found that when the body is in a neutral PH state (and all the cells are naturally oxygenated), cancer cells or other fungus are unable to use fermented sugars to produce oxygen and reproduce. Ailments caused by free radical damage due to processed foods or pollutions, have shown that they can be halted or even reversed once your body is in a natural PH state. Many trials show results to include cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and more commonly, diabetes (type 1 and 2). Great results in weight loss have also been seen in clinical trials relating to alkaline nutrition.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet was not founded on the back of any scientific discoveries to begin with, although many discoveries have since been found since it has been studied. It is not an actual diet as such. It is based on the lifestyle and eating habits of people living around the Mediterranean. With a high consumption of vegetables, seafood and olive oil, it incorporates moderate portions of protein. Scientists have since studied and found this diet greatly reduces the risk of heart disease. With reductions in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancers, too.

maria-banfieldFor many reasons and benefits, it has been described as one of the healthiest diets in the modern world.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great information. I have been trying to eat healthier and lose a little weight. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This was a fantastic post. I go between low carb and Mediterranean diet. But my love for dessert always has me starting one of them again and again…

  3. Very interesting post! I actually had no idea about a few of these, and have heard of some but didn’t exactly know what they were. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve tried the Mediterranean and Ketogenic/Low Carb diets. Both had amazing results but I clearly didn’t make it a life change.

  5. I have heard of the Paleo Diet and the benefits. Gotta get serious about this one.

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