Mom and Kids Skincare Routine for Family Bonding

The home is where your children learn a lot of things they need when they grow older. As a parent, you want to make sure that your kids are equipped with proper values, experiences, and life skills, like taking care of themselves, especially during school.

Are you a big fan of Korean skincare? If so, you’ll be glad to know that the Koreans start their skincare training young. They are known to consider skincare traditions as the parents’ sacred duty to educate their children for the future. Their beautiful skin texture relies heavily on the training that their parents bestowed upon them in their youth.

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Here are the daily skincare activities that you can do with your kids:

1. Enjoy Shower Time

The age of adolescence varies. Some children start earlier than others. Regardless of what age your child is, he or she needs to develop proper hygiene. Teach your children the value of taking a shower even when there’s no school or even during winter.

Here are tips on how you can teach your children the right shower habits:

  • Teach them about how the body works and why they smell bad when they don’t shower.
  • Show them the dirt that appears when you rub their bodies.
  • Buy kid-friendly shampoos and soaps that smell like their favorite fruit.

Shower with your young children and teach them the proper way of using shampoo and scrubbing their bodies. If your offspring are in their teens, you can teach them to use Mediheal cleansers and sheet masks.

2. The Magic of Rice Water

Koreans love food-based skincare products, so it’s no wonder that they also use the water you use in cooking rice. Rice water is one of the most well-loved Korean skincare secrets that children learn in their youth. It’s good for your hair and skin.

The rice water habit serves multiple purposes:

  • It’s a natural and safe alternative to micellar water cleansers.
  • You can teach them about the traditional way of preparing rice then show them an excellent way to recycle the water from the rice rinsing.

How to use rice water:

  • You can apply rice water as the substitute for conditioner after shampooing.
  • You can use rice water once a week as initial water during your child’s bath to help soften the dirt on his skin. Exfoliate the skin gently with a bath scrub.

The great thing about using rice water is that you’re recycling something you meant to throw away anyway.

3. Sheet Mask

Mediheal is a company that’s famous for its kid-friendly designs. Although not all of their sheet mask products are designed for children, they have sheet packs that include stickers and other colorful activities that your kids can enjoy.

If your children are too young for sheet masks, you can still have fun with them.

  • Cut out unused old fabric and shape them into a mask.
  • Soak the cut cloth in rice water and lemon essence to give it a little skincare boost.
  • Put the DIY mask over your child’s face before using your sheet mask.
  • Leave on your masks for 20 to 30 minutes while watching your favorite show.
  • Ask your child to touch his or her face before and after removing the mask to notice the difference.

Use the sheet mask once a week after body exfoliation with rice water.

4. Drinking Water

To end your routine, you need to remind your child that he or she should drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Water keeps your body’s vital organs functional, and it keeps you healthy. Aside from that, drinking water is an excellent way to ensure that your child’s skin is always moisturized and hydrated.

If your kids forget to drink their water, you can buy them a 2-liter container with their favorite cartoon character.

Final Thoughts

Children will not always follow what you say, but they will imitate what you do. If you want them to develop good skincare habits, you have to show them how to do it. Their formative ages will determine how they will succeed in the years to come, so don’t forget to equip them with the right knowledge and information on skincare.

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