What Mom Never Told You About Blog Focus


I have been blogging since April 2004. What started out as an online journal for me to vent my frustrations each day with being stuck at home with the kids and going stir crazy became the hodge-podge collection of all the things I love to write about.

Since our new design was implemented last November by the lovely woman behind The Posh Box Web Design Studio, I’ve noticed that my blogging has become a bit off focus. So I have been sitting here thinking about this for the past several weeks trying to determine what I want my blog focus to be about.

I want to write about the things I love, the things that I am passionate about – social causes, parenting, tech gadgets, shopping, and naturally, food. I will still be sharing (and hosting) giveaways and doing product reviews, but I am going to be more selective in what I do offer. I want the product reviews and the giveaways to focus more on what I love and want to share with my readers. 

I don’t want to lose my passion for blogging – and that can happen when you spread yourself too thin, try to do too much. The hard part is determining what to keep and what to cut, but I think I have narrowed things down to a point where there will still be something for everyone.

You will start seeing changes over the next few weeks as I begin the re-branding. I hope that you’ll enjoy the “new” Life in a House of Testosterone! 

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