Moms! Here’s How To Be Prepared For The Perils Of School

Sending the kiddos off to school for the first time is a big day in any family’s life. You feel so proud as you drop them off at school, all smart in their new uniform or new school clothes. However, despite sending them to school being such a positive stage in your child’s development, it will NEVER go 100% smoothly 100% of the time. If you want to be a smart mom and prepare for issues ahead of time, read on to find out how.

When Your Child Has a Bad Day

Instead of panicking when your little one comes home with a frown on their face, remember that bad days are par for the course. In fact, such a day provides an opportunity for unconditional love and support from you to help them solve the issue on their own if they can.

With younger kids – and sometimes older ones too – parental assistance will be needed. Just don’t be one of those moms that runs into their school because their child can’t sit in the seat they choose or has been caught doing something that they should not have been doing and then cannot deal with the consequences. (Trust me, I’ve done that.) Try to remember that bad days are unavoidable, that you will survive them, and the best way to help your child through them is to help them understand what went wrong and how to avoid that same issue in the future.


Many parents are shocked by the reality that they have to deal with a lice infestation of their child once they are of school age. However, it’s important to prepare yourself for the possibility of this happening and to remind the child that this is not because of a hygiene issue, it’s just something that can happen when lot’s for people gather together all day like they do in school.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan of how you will deal with a case of lice, especially as they can very easily spread to the rest of the family quickly. Some folks prefer to use medicated shampoos to treat this problem. Although if you don’t want all those nasty chemical all over you and your kids you can attend a clinic such as The Lice Place that use manual methods to curtail the infection. Something that can actually be more effective than using a pesticide bases shampoo anyway.


Of course, sometimes a situation is a little more serious than just a bad day. I’m talking about bullying here, and while it’s not fun to think about it’s much better to be prepared for how you will deal with the situation than just hope it won’t happen.

The most important thing here is to listen to what the child is saying here, and not dismiss their experience. Yes, you may think that they are a little over-sensitive, but as an adult, we build up a wall to protect against things, but kids haven’t had a chance to do this yet.

With these tips in mind, if you have a concern that other children are stepping over your child’s boundaries, it is best to call a parent-teacher conference and discuss it with the school. By working together you will be more likely to reach a successful conclusion in the shortest possible time to improve things for your child.

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